Which is original? (Holden Manaro or Pontiac GTO)?

Question by OsamaBinLagin: Which is original? (Holden Manaro or Pontiac GTO)?
I’d like to know there differences and which came first?

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Answer by Paul
The recent GTO (now discontinued) was built on the Holden platform. It failed because it looked too much like a senior citizen’s car.

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  1. Bobby Jim says:

    Pontiac GTO came first, in 1964.
    The GTO was a special order package for the LeMans line of Pontiac’s Tempest model.
    Later, it became a model of its own.
    It originally came with a 389 cu. in. engine with a 4-bbl carburator.
    3 2-bbl carbs were optional for the highest horsepower.
    2-door coupes and convertibles were available.

  2. It'sSupercharged!2000 says:

    The Pontiac GTO was first introduced back in 1964. The Monaro first came out in 1968.
    I assume though, that you are talking about the 2004-2006 GTO. The Monaro is the original car; the GTO is simply a rebadged Monaro. The differences are obvious enough in that they have different logos and trim pieces. The GTO is left hand drive, whereas the Holden is right hand drive.

    The Holden had a supercharged V6 as an available engine in addition to the 5.7L and 6.0L V8 powerplants that found their way into the GTO.

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