What is the difference between a 1969 Pontiac GTO and a LeMans?

Question by David: What is the difference between a 1969 Pontiac GTO and a LeMans?

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Answer by Spinner…428
start with V I N ‘s for the “A” Body line up
GTO 242, LeMans 237 or Custom S 235 (Tempest)

Better put.
GTO model for 1969 is the Sport upgrade
LeMans was the Luxury Model
Custom S was the basic Sport model
Tempest basic model
JUDGE was the top of the LINE Super muscle car for 1969 on the GTO model.

GTO VIN starts out 2 42 37
Thats 2 pontiac , 42 GTO model , 37 Hard top, (67 Convertible)
LeMans VIN 23737 or 23735
2 Pontiac, 37 LeMans, 37 Hardtop, (35 coupe or post)(67 Convertible)
Custom S (Tempest) 23535 or 23537
2 Pontiac , 35 Tempest, 37 Hardtop (35 Coupe post) or (67 convertible)

Looking at a GTO model difference from LeMans on the showroom floor was easy,
GTO had Hardtop only in 69, then Soft front bumper Paint color of car, Hood with Hood scoops and rear side marker lamps for GTO only, was the easiest way to next to the emblems.
Example: http://www.universalautosalesandclassiccars.com/images/1969%20GTO8/69GTO8LeftSide.JPG
LeMans had Chrome beak bumper and Flat hood, rear side marker lights of course the emblems…

Seats and colors crossed over between the 3 models.
Motors for the GTO started at the 400 2bl up to the Ram Air III and IV with 3 speed manual, 4 speed and/or TH400 automatic in all GTO models.
and you got a 350 2 bl in all LeMans models BUT you could order any motor in the LeMans .except the Ram Air IV.

So VIN tells what is what for the 1969 model.

Alot of People change things on the LeMans to make thier own GTO Clone so you can the repop GTO hood’s on LeMans now everywhere. but some don’t change the rear side marker lamps.
GTO nose and Hood on Lemans
1969 Lemans Convertible 005
great picture of rear side marker

Real GTO but Judge clone

There are plenty more.

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