Ways to maintain your muscle car

A muscle car is a treasure that you want to protect. Having a muscle car that is running smoothly is your neighbor’s envy. The car might be half a century old, but it always wants to keep moving if it is well maintained. The service you render to the car is very important. Consider the following tips of maintaining your muscle car.
1. Air fuel ratio

Air fuel ratio determines the power output of your vehicle. If your ratio is too lean, you will get less power and while too rich you waste fuel. You can do maintenance by yourself. Warm your engine to operating temperature, remove the hose from the vacuum manifold. If the engine stalls you have a lean ratio but if it speeds it is rich. You can also hand choke the engine by putting your hand over the carburetor. If the ratio is lean the engine runs faster. This can be indication that you have a forty hose or the vacuum manifold has a leak. Check the PVC hose and power brake boosters. To maintain the carburetor clean and functional, the engine needs to be pushed near the limit. Drive on the highway regularly at high speed, the revolutions per minutes, RPM will circulate the oil thoroughly cleaning all the engine parts and the carburetor.

2. Regularly check the engine
The gasket O-rings can dry and crack if not regularly changed. When they crack they will leak. Any small leak will affect the vehicle output. This will cost time, energy and money to fix. It also affects the output of the vehicle. Regularly check gaskets. The oil needs to be changed regularly. Oil when used over time it accumulates a lot of additional components. Some of these components make the oil acidic and corrosive.
3. Prevent fuel breakdown
when the weather changes fuel such as E10 mixture can break down. This happens when the car is stored. Always add fuel stabilizers and leave the tank full. When the fuel breaks down it causes rusting in the fuel system.
4. Take precaution when storing your vehicle.
Any vehicle will lose its vitality and value when stored. This can be taken care of by following simple rules. Always drain all the used oil before storing a vehicle. Replace it with oil which has an anti-freezing and rust inhibitors agent. The oil should not be corrosive but should protect the engine.
The fuel tank should be left full with fuel which is stabilized. The body of the car should be washed thoroughly and then dried. A protective wax coat should then be applied. On all the metal parts that are not painted apply antirust inhibitor. You should take preventive moves to avoid cracks on the other surfaces such as seats, dash pads and armrests. If you are keeping the vehicle use mothballs and cover the exhaust pipe. If you decide to cover the vehicle use a cover that always air circulation.
Use the DVLA contact to know when you should renew your statutory off road notification and tax disc expiry date. This will save you from finding yourself on the wrong side of the law, especially when you store your muscle car when you are bound to forget about the statutory requirements.


Author: Felisa Marino


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