Twin supercharged 440 stroker dodge challenger srt
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23 Responses to Twin supercharged 440 stroker dodge challenger srt

  1. Tim Milliken says:

    yeah a v6 one dude.. no way would you beat a V8 let alone this beast

  2. TheArfdog says:

    Not the most stable idle there….

  3. ModernStreet101 says:

    after watching this…im checking under my bed tonight

  4. DirtyMcArthur says:

    This fucking guy was spewing all this bullshit about how American cars are pieces of shit and now he’s babbling about not being negative and how people should respect each other and be positive. Nigga, you bi-polar?

  5. DirtyMcArthur says:

    Fuck you, fuck your fairy faggot ass name, Troy, fuck your Honda, fuck your opinion, fuck your taste in cars, fuck your ideas, fuck your “facts”, fuck your computer, fuck your mother, fuck your kids, fuck your future kids. You hate these cars because you can’t afford them. Pick another video to watch and troll you jealous douche.

  6. vipsk8er7794 says:

    “with all expensive high performance parts” everything in your comment is focused AGAINST a STOCK car and you want to compare it to a “high performance” modified car, im not a american car fanboy, tbh i prefer german cars, but atleast use some common sense .

  7. 03silvermustang says:

    Bad ass!

  8. jjkone86 says:

    Sounds sick

  9. FtsArTek says:

    Hondas are shit cars. Nissan make some of the only decent jap cars, and spend enough on a good Mercedes V8 and it’ll rip the shit out of ANY honda.

  10. FtsArTek says:

    S2000 is a pathetic piece of shit. If you’re gonna go Jap, go nissan, other than that, nothing beats a good American V8

  11. pavester says:

    Yep,the import/Honda scene used to be awesome, lots of honda owners were doing performance builds. Now every mexican/asian/white honda owners, thinking that autozone muffler makes there honda a race car. That and the stupid “hellaflush” and

  12. troy johnson says:

    I think you people are all lame find some hobby or better yet don’t reply to me unless its something smart maybe you’ll learn something from your friends at least the ones that has a bigger IQ then you all stop trolling for once and start thinking positive instead of the opposite negative is a bad thing get your heads out your asses and stop with all this bullshit its useless negative energy remember when you think straight and start respecting the people around you positive things happen

  13. troy johnson says:

    No but maybe you do since your the one that mention it about finding guys attractive sounds to me like you came out the closet

  14. lowflyinsh says:

    lol. That weak attempt at a put-down retort doesn’t deserve any more of a response than this. …and even that is pushing it. Have fun street racing your mom’s Camry.

  15. justcallmejoeable says:

    you find men sexually attractive dont you?

  16. Hardcaslte says:

    My bad you win

  17. troy johnson says:

    I have a car bitch at least I put money into it and not cheap ass ebay parts I think us Honda guys hate fags like you always think because you hide behind a phone screen it makes you smart go ahead sell your piece of shit nobody gives a fuck asshole you got some sort of issue why don’t you go find a job get off welfare and get a life stop collecting tax payers hard earn dollars you ricer bitch

  18. lowflyinsh says:

    Dude doesn’t even have a car worthwhile.

    Sometimes, I want to sell my Hondas…not because I don’t like them but because of the idiots that represent them.

  19. troy johnson says:

    And your a retard

  20. Hardcaslte says:

    You’re an idiot

  21. pavester says:

    LOL. Come to Texas, we wont even use our cars to race you…Just our trucks…ever been walked by a ram 2500 quad cab? We’ll put 4 lengths on ya while seating 5 people.

  22. Shane Hodson says:

    how many gallons per mile does that get?

  23. Smart Arse says:

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