Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping a Classic Car

The act of shipping a classic car is a process that must be treated delicately and with great care. The transport company you hire should have all of the right qualifications if you are to trust them to safely deliver your muscle car. If you wish to keep your classic automobile in its best possible condition even after its transport, you must avoid some of the most common shipping mistakes being made by others.

  1. Not checking out the transport company before hiring them to ship your muscle car. If you are going to allow strangers to care for the delivery of your high-performance vehicle, you must be sure they are reputable for their services. Use online resources to find each potential transporter’s website. Look over their site for service and contact information. Read any testimonials and reviews you can find. This will help you get better acquainted with the company before you even decide to call them for a quote.
  1. Not asking questions. You should always have a list of questions prepared to ask the transport companies as you shop around. Ask about their qualifications and whether or not they carry insurance coverage. You may also want to inquire further about their services and what kind of experience they have with delivering muscle cars.
  1. Paying too much for shipping services or hiring someone due to lower rates. As silly as this might sound, paying too much or too little for shipping services could be detrimental to the safety of your muscle car. If the company charges too little, they may not be as qualified as other transporters. If they are charging too much in comparison to other local transporters, you might want to be cautious. Scam artist will often overcharge and ask for large down payments or all money upfront.
  1. Forgetting to prepare the proper documentation. Every transporter will ask that you provide them with some simple forms. This may include your license, title and registration, and other pertinent documents. If you are shipping the muscle car abroad, you will be asked to prepare much more documentation. Foreign auto import policies can be difficult to comply with.
  1. Not preparing the vehicle as requested. All transport companies such as A-1 Auto Transport Inc. will have a small prerequisite list that they expect their customers to fulfill. This list will lessen the risks presented during a vehicle delivery. It will also keep those transporting the muscle car safer. Usually the prep work only takes a day or so to complete and includes tasks such as cleaning the vehicle and checking all fluids.

By avoiding the common shipping mistakes, you are lessening your vehicle’s risk factors. Take care of your car by hiring the utmost professional transporters in your area and take your time properly fulfilling your responsibilities for the transport.

About the Transport Company’s Insurance Coverage

All reputable and dependable transport companies carry insurance coverage. This coverage helps them to guarantee a safe delivery on all of the vehicles entrusted to them for the shipping process. Always ask the customer service representatives about their company’s insurance policy and how it protects your muscle car.

If for any reason you find that you need to file an insurance claim, inform the driver or transporter of the damages found. They will fill out a report and have professionals from the office contact you in regards to moving forward with an insurance claim. If everything is prepared and handled accordingly and all common shipping mistakes are avoided, it is extremely unlikely that you will need to worry about damages. Insurance is just one more way to add protection during the shipping process.


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