Top 10 Ideas to Make the Ultimate Muscle Car Garage

Every serious muscle car owner dreams of the perfect garage space to hold all their vehicles. The right garage comes equipped to meet all your muscle car needs. It comes with features like a lift, ample storage space, plenty of power and perfect ventilation to name a few. Need a good muscle car garage builder? You can always check with referral companies like ContractorsToday.Com to find one in your local area. Read on to learn about the top 10 features that any leading muscle car garage should come with, and you’ll know exactly what to tell your contractor to do when he puts up your new garage.

Plenty of Power

Power is everything in a garage because you’ll have a variety of tools that you want to run. From air compressors, to sand blasters, to pressure washers, there are lots of different tools and equipment you’ll likely want to start up and use in your garage. Make sure you have plenty of outlets on every wall, and that there are a few 220V outlets as well as the standard 110V ones. When it comes to restoring a muscle car, you will want to make sure you have the right tools and plenty of power to back them up.

Excellent Lighting

One area that you don’t want to skimp on is lighting. Make sure the roof of your garage is equipped with a bright lighting system. It’s even better if you can control the lights and only turn on the ones that you want to save on power. Good solid lights make it easier to do most work on your muscle cars, and you’ll enjoy not having to carry a light around with you for most projects.

Rugged Flooring

There’s no reason to go with stock cement flooring that you see in most garages around the country. Instead go for a cement that’s finished with a tough protective product like epoxy as well. Get a tough finish on your floor to protect it and to make it look more modern and unique.

Storage Space

With plenty of cars, plenty of tools and equipment, you need the space to hold it all. Plan on space for much more than what you have right now, that way when you’re ready to expand, you have the space to do it.

Solid HVAC

A good garage is a comfortable garage. Not only will your cars benefit from a reliable HVAC system, but you’ll be able to work on them no matter how cold or hot it is outside with the system in place. That means a lot to any good mechanic.

Overhead Clearance

The best muscle car garages come with a lift. Even if you don’t plan to add one to your garage immediately, it’s still important you leave enough overhead clearance to allow for a lift later. Keep lifts in mind and raise the roof a bit higher in your plans. This will help when it comes to general maintenance like changing the oil or checking things out underneath the car to ensure everything is in tip top condition.

Floor Drain

Once you’re finished putting your car back together, you might just want to hose it down to get it looking nice and clean. You’ll have to go outside to do that normally, but not if you have a quality floor drainage system. Simply hose the car off indoors and the water will run down the garage drain freely.


Not only is it nice to have access to a good working sink to wash your hands or to clean off parts while working on your vehicle. It’s also nice to have a working toilet so that you don’t have to walk back to the house while you’re in the middle of a project. It’s convenient and a must-have for a top-end garage.

Sound Proofing

Invest in top-end insulation to not only keep your space protected from the elements, but to help sound proof your location too. You’ll be able to blast music in the middle of the night and enjoy working on your vehicle whenever you like without disturbing others. With enough sound proofing you can even run that compressor in the middle of the night.



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