Tip: Suspension and brakes

Maybe the part of your car that needs changing is its very foundation-the chassis. If you’re rolling around on a clapped-out suspension, you don’t need us to tell you to rebuild it. This may be yet another opportunity to upgrade. Performance gas-shocks are a no-brainer-they’re just too simple to install and relatively inexpensive to purchase. If you’re still riding on oil shocks, you’ll be astounded at the difference. If your car doesn’t have antisway bars, you absolutely need them, at least in the front. The reduction in body roll will be dramatic if you use a fat aftermarket bar, and the number of applications available is amazing. Then there’s urethane suspension bushings, readily available for most American cars from the mid-’60s-on. The ride will get a little harsher, but if you like to corner hard, it’ll be worth it.

What about brakes? Still relying on the manual four-wheel drums? Shame on you. Most cars assembled back when they were still building cars with four-wheel drum brakes can be upgraded to discs by swapping on parts from a newer model. If junkyard scrounging isn’t your thing, the aftermarket has you totally covered with nice, new components.

Even if you’ve already got front discs, you can upgrade to rear discs by sourcing the aftermarket. If you need really brutal stopping power, go for a mega-inch disc upgrade with trick calipers, as offered by Baer Racing, Master Power, Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation, Wilwood, and others. These companies have most popular vintage musclecars covered and are adding new applications all the time. You really can’t have too much braking power.

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