Tip: Interior

The cockpit of a 30-year-old performance car can have many frightening, or at least, annoying features. A good interior should be visually appealing as well as functional and comfortable. The most obvious trouble spots are the seats, which might be trashed or worse-transplants from another car.

If your seats are torn up or beset with outdated custom upholstery, have them re-covered. New reproduction covers are available for most popular cars from back in the day, and even for some that were not so popular. If covers aren’t offered, you can try to round up some original-style fabric or upgrade to a more contemporary cloth, though you’ll probably need a trim shop to do the stitching.

If your stock seats are missing, or if you want to ditch the big, flat bench, consider upgrading to aftermarket buckets. Quite a few companies offer universal-fit buckets with application-specific mounting brackets for most cars.

But the seats aren’t the only interior elements that need to be addressed. Maybe it’s the cheesy aftermarket steering wheel, or the dime-store gauges, or the incredibly frustrating and equally gaudy ratchet shifter. All of these items can be quickly and easily swapped for either updated aftermarket equipment or the stock stuff you removed years ago.

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