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Top 10 Ideas to Make the Ultimate Muscle Car Garage

Every serious muscle car owner dreams of the perfect garage space to hold all their vehicles. The right garage comes equipped to meet all your muscle car needs. It comes with features like a lift, ample storage space, plenty of

5 Hot Rods for The History Books

Since the very beginning days of the automobile, people have worked tirelessly to sharpen them up and turn them into high speed monsters that can overtake all others on the road. With thousands of hot rods in existence, it is

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping a Classic Car

The act of shipping a classic car is a process that must be treated delicately and with great care. The transport company you hire should have all of the right qualifications if you are to trust them to safely deliver

Let’s Make Your Muscle Car Faster

If you’ve stumbled across this blog, then you must be a big muscle car fan, right? You love the big, arrogant size of the hood. You love the fierce growl of the engine, and the feeling of power when you

Get some British muscle!

The muscle car is an undeniably American concept. It is the broad highways of Nevada, the coastal paths of California and the winding hill roads of Colorado. It is as American as apple pie washed down with black coffee in

Something Old and Something New: Should I Use Original Parts When Restoring My Muscle Car?

If you have recently started rebuilding a muscle car, you may have found that your new hobby provides a great invitation for obsessiveness. You started out by planning on just replacing the cracked leather in the seats, but the wear

Ways to maintain your muscle car

A muscle car is a treasure that you want to protect. Having a muscle car that is running smoothly is your neighbor’s envy. The car might be half a century old, but it always wants to keep moving if it

(STICKY): The difference between the MUSCLE and the PONY cars

People nowadays has been confused about the term of muscle cars and pony cars, until now I assume. Some call a Mustang or Camaro as muscle cars, but rarely realized that they are in fact categorized as pony cars. Some

Modification of your muscle car exhaust system

The secret to making your muscle car noisier and stronger is by making a couple of changes to the exhaust system. Installing a brand new flow-master exhaust system or installation of a cherry bomb exhaust system are examples of ways