Q&A: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro??????????

Question by C: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro??????????
What do you think about this car? I might be getting one so I was wondering what people thought of it.

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Answer by Jasian
awesome car at a great price.

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  1. directinject says:

    Awesome car. all models of the camaro are good performers. The v6 all the way to the v8.

  2. Dave says:

    amazing car

    get the V8 SS with RS visual option

  3. Rapid Fire says:

    I saw my first 2010 Camaro in the flesh about a week ago. It’s an attractive enough car but even the owner said that it is a bit overweight and did not have the feel of a proper sports car. He did admit, however, that it was more luxurious than any Camaro he had owned before. And forget about carrying 4 people in this car. The owner was not an overly tall man and the drivers seat back was right up against the rear seat cushion. There is virtually no rear seat legroom.

    My main concern with the Camaro is the length of time and the numerous delays incurred before it was made available for sale to the public. That leads me to suspect that there were major issued with the design of the car. GM is famous for turning out cars to the public that are not properly designed. I hope the New Camaro is not another one of them.

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