Q&A: 2003 pontiac gto vs 2003 cobra svt?

Question by carlos: 2003 pontiac gto vs 2003 cobra svt?
which one is faster (in moderate detail)?
and tell me why a 2003 dodge viper would smash both those cars?

Best answer:

Answer by Spinner…428
2004 Pontiac GTO
2005 Pontiac GTO Are fun every day GM drivers and Don’t come with a Super Charger
NO 2003 GTO

2003 Cobra SVT is a Factory RACE car under rated it was pushing 440 hp off the showroom floor.

Now take the price of the SVT and 2005 GTO and you can sell both and still need some coin to buy a Viper.

But you need to drive the Viper VS the Cobra SVT depending on the driver the Cobra has beatin the 2003 Viper by a hair in drag races during the road and track new junkit.

The Viper has more horse power at 510hp and has beat many cars over and over on the road courses and the drag strip.

Have had a modified 05 LS2 GTO with super charger, clutch, and rear gear change beat the Cobra in a Drag race and top speed at Bonneville.

Viper beats both at top speed with tire change at 193.4 mph

… All are fun to Drive.

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  1. emiller1998 says:

    There is no 03 GTO.

    The Cobra is more powerful than the LS1 GTO’s (04) and although Ford’s ratings say different its also more powerful than the LS2 GTO’s (05 & 06). Its also a little bit lighter than the GTO.

    The Viper has a lot more power than both, is far lighter than both, and has a better suspension.

  2. Theneelster says:

    Viper walks the dog because it has 10 cylinders, high compression, and little weight.

    Still…I’d prefer a comparison to the Cobra R…because it is awesome.

    From what I recall…the regular svt cobras (terminator) were supercharged from the factory (just like the cobra r). And we all know supercharged v8=the awesomeness…plus fairly easy to upgrade; they only had 8psi of boost from the factory…double that and it could probably take a viper in a straight line. The GTO has an ls1 or an ls2…it’s an excellent engine but not good enough to overcome an extra 2 cylinders or boost.

  3. fodaddy19 says:

    With equal drivers, the Cobra will have no problem smoking a GTO, especially the early LS1 powered ones. The Cobra has a considerable power advantage. However the Viper will beat the Cobra as it’s more powerful and substantially lighter.

    BTW The Cobra R was not supercharged. It had a DOHC 5.4L that was conservatively rated at 385 HP.

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