Pontiac GTO?

Question by tison28s: Pontiac GTO?
is the 2006 GTO reliable? any common problems? If you own or don’t own please tell me

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Answer by jeff h
the gtos are reliable cars built on proven parts.
I do not a gto but much of my family drive ls based cars. they are fun to drive and well mannered for cruising.

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  1. Saint Brian says:

    Although Pontiac itself as well as GM and most other domestic auto manufacturers have a reputation of being unreliable the GTO is actually basically just a copy of the Holden Monaro. Holden is another GM brand in Australia (US manufactuers can’t seem to make cars worth a damn in the US but make some rather reliable autos elsewhere). When Pontiac decided to reintroduce the GTO it was easier for them to copy a design they had access too. In this case it was the Monaro, an established luxury car in Australia. This is why the car looks nothing like the old GTOs and dissapointed fans when it came out. Aside from that the only other nag is the fact that the gas tank was moved and compromised trunk space. In conclusion the car is built on a solid design and should be reliable. Price for luxury and performance it’s also an excellent car.

  2. dinkydionline says:

    Pontiac gto’s, from memory are Australian Holden Monaro’s, just fitted with bigger motors and left hand drive for the American market.
    Holden is a very popular brand name in Australia, outselling Ford etc, on a regular basis.
    The Monaro is a collectors item, as it was limited number built, and are going up in price

  3. nitro6two says:

    gto is a great affordable family sedan. proven parts are used in this car and it is every bit as reliable as any other car. i do not own one. if i was driving a car that is what i would drive.

  4. FanofJrSrand29 says:

    I havent heard anything wrong with the 2006 gto’s, my bf has a 2004 and they did have something that rubbed the tire on the ’04’s but they changed that. He has had no problem with his 2004.

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