Opinion: Do you think Ford Mustangs would make good patrol cars?

Question by : Opinion: Do you think Ford Mustangs would make good patrol cars?
I will hate to see the Crown Victoria go, but it is what it is. I was enthusiastic about replacing them with Dodge Chargers until the 2011 model came out – the single, unibrow-looking tail light ruined the design, I thought, and I am similarly unconvinced by the new Taurus-based Interceptor and the Chevy Caprice police package. The one car that I think could do well in the future, though, is the Ford Mustang. I realize that some departments already utilize the Mustang for special purposes (racing enforcement, D.A.R.E., etc.), but I’m talking about replacing the aging Crown Vics almost entirely with Mustangs. Most would ask, Why on Earth would you choose that car? It’s not even designed to be a police cruiser! However, I’ve thought of a few reasons why it might work:

1) It costs about the same as any other car (in the neighborhood of $ 20-30,000);
2) It has Ford SYNC;
3) It has a rear seat to accomodate prisoners (the backseat isn’t roomy, but comfort isn’t exactly the
4) It has sufficient trunk space to hold most standard equipment;
5) It can do up to 146 mph, about 20 mph faster than the Crown Vic and about 10 mph faster than the
6) It is considered the most fuel-efficient sports car on the market, getting up to 19 mpg city and 31
mpg highway; and
7) It is simply a sleek, attractively-designed car.

I’d like to hear your opinions on the matter, whether or not you’re in law enforcement. If you think you’ve found a flaw in my logic, please let me know. I’m always eager to hear others’ thoughts and constructive criticism.
Also, remember that in any police vehicle, the center console is usually removed entirely to make room for the laptop and shotgun/patrol rifle. The shift stick is moved to the steering column. In the Ford Mustang, this arrangement would fit in just fine, and would not be cramped any more than, say, the Charger.

Also, the back seat in a Mustang is larger than one might think at first glance – it’s about as large as the front seat. If you’re transporting a prisoner sitting up, it wouldn’t hurt to custom order the rear seat with a few inches shaved off to make way for the bulky prisoner cage. If they’re lying down…well, same thing.

After all, you’re not their chauffeur driving them to the country club; you’re a cop driving them downtown for booking.
Here is an image of the interior of the 2012 Mustang. It shows the room for a laptop and big guns if the center console were removed in the front, and the larger-than-imagined seats in the back, which could easily be trimmed to fit a cage:


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Answer by Rachel
I love mustangs more than any other car on earth. Cops would be better off with them like you said with all they have to offer, including speed. They would be bad in the snow though. But other than that, I say great idea!

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