Modification of your muscle car exhaust system

The secret to making your muscle car noisier and stronger is by making a couple of changes to the exhaust system. Installing a brand new flow-master exhaust system or installation of a cherry bomb exhaust system are examples of ways by which you can effortlessly modify your system. In contrast to ordinary exhaust systems, flow-master and cherry bomb exhaust systems do not mute the noise generated by the engine.

Modifying a muscle car exhaust system also aids in increasing the horsepower, in addition to the flow of vapors generated by the engine. As a result, you will not only notice an unusual increase of rumbling sounds from the engine, but an elevation of gaseous matter generated by the engine. The sole purpose of modifying the exhaust system in your muscle car is to increase its power.

Tips on How to Modify Your Muscle Car Exhaust System

1. As pointed out earlier, the easiest way to modify your muscle car exhaust system is to fit either a flow-master or cherry bomb exhaust system. With the help of an expert, this can be accomplished in a couple of hours. Moreover, if you have the expertise and experience to do the work, you can do it with the assistance of a few friends. Equipment and tools required for the job include an adjustable wrench, an exhaust system, car ramps, two wheel chocks, safety gloves, penetrating fluid and safety glasses.

2. In order to avoid instances of accidents or injuries, it is highly advisable that you put on safety glasses as well as gloves prior to embarking on the work.

3. Back the car onto the ramps and engage the parking brake in order to immobilize the automobile. Further immobilization can be done by using the wheel chocks to clamp the front wheels.

4. Apply the penetrating fluid on the fittings of the exhaust system and wait for about 3-5 minutes. Using the clamp nuts, turn the fittings anticlockwise. If you are still finding it hard to turn the fittings, use the adjustable wrench to complete the task.

5. Take off the bolts holding the hangers at the back of the car. Thereafter, shift the exhaust system towards the rear end of the vehicle. This is done in order to detach the exhaust from the head pipes. Do not forget to detach the head pipes from the exhaust system. After the pipes have been detached, the exhaust system can effortlessly be detached from the car. Next, remove the pipe hangers as well as the rubber isolators from the mufflers. This can easily be accomplished by using the adjustable wrench. The detached pipe hangers and rubber isolators can still be used with the new exhaust system you are planning to install.

6. New installation should start with the fastening of the pipe hangers alongside the rubber isolators to the muffler. Remember to utilize the actual bolts for this task.

7. Shift the new exhaust system to the belly of the vehicle. Make certain that the mufflers are facing the rear end of the vehicle.

8. Push the exhaust system towards the front part of the vehicle. Thereafter, join the exhaust pipe to the head pipes. Pipe hangers ought to be fixed to the base of the car. Finally, attach the clamps to the joint. This should be done at the point where the exhaust system pipe connects to the head pipe.

9. By now, you should have finished installing the new exhaust system. Remove the wheel chocks from the front wheels and remove the car from the ramps. Do not forget to release the parking brake.

During the test drive, you will notice that the muscle car has more power and makes more rumbling sound than before. As for tuning advice, and others offer quality car tuning services to meet your needs and ensure that your car is in good condition.

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