Let’s Make Your Muscle Car Faster

If you’ve stumbled across this blog, then you must be a big muscle car fan, right? You love the big, arrogant size of the hood. You love the fierce growl of the engine, and the feeling of power when you put your foot down. You’re right, there is nothing quite like it.

Some people might like their curvy sports cars, but give us a beefed-up Pony any day of the week. Most of the classic muscle cars come with some serious horsepower built in. The top speeds are hardly embarrassing, but what if you want things a little faster? Today, we’ll show you how to add even more speed and power to your favourite muscle car. Let’s dive straight in.

New, fast tyres

If you thought that speed starts and ends in the engine, you’re wrong. You can up the ante in the engine all you like. But, if the car can’t handle and translate that power, you’re going nowhere. That’s why tyres are the best place to start. You can actually translate more speed from your existing engine with a good set of tyres. The Michelin energy saver tyres are a game changer in this department. These tyres are optimized for grip and performance. They’ll also translate power into speed, while boosting fuel economy.

Invest in a new intake

Underneath the hood, the first step of the combustion process is sucking in oxygen. The engine needs that oxygen to react with the fuel, and ignite the power output. As you can imagine, the more clean oxygen you can get into the engine, the faster you can convert that power. A new, larger intake, with pure, clean filters will allow the engine to swallow more oxygen. That means faster combustion, and more speed.

Get a cat-back exhaust

We’ve sorted out the first step of the process with a new intake. Now, let’s look at the last part of the process: the exhaust. The faster the engine can get rid of its waste product, the more efficient and powerful it becomes. Most standard exhausts aren’t especially designed for speed and power. You need one that is. A cat-back exhaust straightens out the process, and lets the engine breathe.

Get a new catalyst

If you’re installing a cat-back exhaust, you might as well punt for for a new catalyst at the same time. These two work together in harmony to translate huge amounts of power from the engine. You’re looking to install a high-flow catalyst to maximise the potential output from the engine.

Fuel injection

You’ll notice that we still haven’t mentioned the engine! Well, now that you’ve tweaked all the elements around it, you make a boost the engine itself. A fuel injection is the best way to give it some extra juice, and increase the horsepower up to 10%. Of course, if you’re running an older car, you might want to replace the engine entirely.

With these tricks, you’ll quickly boost the horsepower and speed of your muscle car. When you put your foot down, you’re going to hear and feel the change!

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