How is the ride quality of Dodge Challenger 2011?

Question by None: How is the ride quality of Dodge Challenger 2011?
How is the ride quality of Dodge Challenger 2011?

I found the ride quality of cars such as Porsche Boxster and Mini Cooper to be very poor because I could feel every bump on the road. Is it the same for Dodge Challenger or is it much softer? I have never been in an American sports car. I therefore ask this question.

I would greatly appreciate your reply.

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Answer by Harry Hubing
it’s like ridding you mom..

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  1. Stupid Flanders says:

    Surprisingly good.
    The engine and the ride in the Challenger is solid. Go test drive one.

    Out of the big 3 american muscle cars, the Challenger offers the best blend of ride, price and value.
    The Camaro has a better transmission and the Mustang is better in handling, but the Challenger is a great value, overall.

  2. C7S says:

    The Dodge Challenger, Charger, and Chrysler 300c all share the same suspension and frame and engine.

    They are very smooth and quiet because they use the suspension and frame from the Mercedes E Class.

    A Sports car is a Porsche Boxster. A Sports car is meant to be rough on the road. That is what makes them handle so well. Because they have stiffer suspensions that prevent body roll.

    The Challenger is a different animal. It has lots of body roll. It does not turn very fast. It’s handling and feel is nowhere near a sports cars. The Challenger is more like a luxurious American Muscle car.

  3. Southern_Barrel_Racer says:

    the ride of the challenger is smooth as silk. its just the heavy foot of mine lets it get away from me. hello speeding tickets

  4. twilight4th says:

    get a ford mustang instead

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