Dodge Challenger

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  1. TheSkullcrusher73 says:

    Gohan needs to DDDOOOOODDDGGEE

  2. Mark1944089 says:

    Poorly design

  3. Don Fregin says:

    that is bs its not the unions fault that cars are made in mexico or canada its corp greed

  4. Autotechviewpoint says:

    Is this video on the right channel?

  5. shinichiBLUE says:

    lol american muscle made in canada and mexico thanks to unions

  6. bestamerica says:

    ohhhh no thank,,,
    this car is so ugly,,,
    very pooor design

  7. KingMopar7 says:

    It’s a beautiful car and a real head turner. Most that I have talked to that own one…sure get people’s attention and always come over to check it out. My only issue as of late, is Dodge’s decision to offer such basic colors…2 shades of grey, 2 shades of black, a really dark blue(that is darn near black) and a red shade which you pay an extra 500 bucks for. You have got to give folks more snazzy colors. Dart has more color options, which I guess to appeal to the fart pipe crowd.

  8. Ken Mam says:

    European slave

  9. Ken Mam says:

    Look at the CTS-V, Camaro-ZR-1, Mustang Shelby, Ford GT, etc….

  10. 5u54 says:

    lol….I know right. It might not be what people expect it to be..but its a work of art to me!!!!

  11. Grantillahater says:

    42:51 ‘but before getting started, two pillars go up to prevent a deadly accident from happening..” ok.. and then keep watching and the lady is testing the car on the rollers without a seat belt on. shes got safety glasses and the seat belt reminder keep going off.. wheres the logic behind that?

  12. hellogoodness says:

    But mopars have and will always be my favorite 🙂

  13. hellogoodness says:

    My 240sx will eat any of those challengers… With a massive 2.0L lol

  14. 70CarStall says:

    Motor made in Mexico, assembled in Canada, is there anything about this car that is made in the U.S.A? This is truely sad, you Canadians are good people and good neighbors but there are fewer cars being made here every year.

  15. duljo223 says:

    American crap car ….u want a fast car lots of hp and class please look at a bmw m3 m5 or a AMG benz dont buy this ugly garbage

  16. Dave Schwartz says:

    Foolish person, You just cant appreciate a real Muscle Car. This car is awesome. Get a life Rambo!

  17. Rambo Cherry says:

    shitty car.

  18. prepaidbrian says:

    But yet here in Indiana we build, Toyota Trucks, Hondas, and Subaru’s?

  19. julio bello says:

    I went to mexico in summer and passing by I saw dodge factory and bose sound

  20. av63pnt0 says:

    Between outsourcing jobs and the $700,000,000,000 spend on oil this country is loosing the wealth it has built up in the 20th century.

  21. av63pnt0 says:

    that makes me soo angry that this American car isnt built in America this is ridiculous how much outsourcing this country is doing, engine is made is mexico and car assembled in canada to by sold in America, so much of our money spent on this car is going to the countries of mexico and canada, instead of staying in the states where it should be

  22. Slimdawg31 says:

    Great video enjoyed watching it.

  23. Jaydeezzee1 says:

    damn just imagine if there were to be a malfunction

  24. Doctorj63 says:

    Great question………I can’t believe they dyno every engine.

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