Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 vs. Shelby GT350

Video of our muscle car showdown between the 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 and the 2012 Shelby GT350. Only 1492 Challengers like this one will be built, and…
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Quite literally like driving a time machine, Dodge’s reintroduced Challenger can draw quite a few stares out on the road despite being in it’s fifth model ye…


49 Responses to Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 vs. Shelby GT350

  1. neal llance says:

    ur a idiot!

  2. McMuffinJones says:

    Lol clearly you know nothing about the gt500

  3. SammieDavidDeLuce says:

    It’s very clear you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  4. matt nick says:

    Clearly you don’t know what a GT500 is. I’ve raced many SRT8’s in my Mustang 5.0, and only some barely beat me. The GT500 destroys me, it is the fastest muscle car on the road by far

  5. Athanatos John says:

    holy shit, this made my day lol

  6. BloodstainedSinner says:

    This Challeneger kills GT500’s. Of course it will EAT this GT350.

  7. Ayman Alshehri says:

    if you liked that part you might like the first 45 sec of “Chevelle – Point #1” video clip

  8. Michelle Soucy says:

    i vote for both

  9. michael mravlja says:

    whats the soundtrack @1:41

  10. kyle parker says:

    just an opinion bro. no need to get irritated

  11. Jt Jones says:

    it still would be slow as shit they have to take 10000 pounds of that tug boat challenger

  12. Jt Jones says:

    bull shit man wtf lame ass

  13. MrBarbque1 says:

    Yugo’s are faster

  14. minidvpro says:

    What a terrible comparison. This commercial brought to you by Ford and Dodge.

  15. kyle parker says:

    challenger sounds better 😉


    or lighten the fatass.

  17. BulldogsFever says:

    Because the challenger doesn’t stand a chance. It would need a good bit more hp than the mustang to compete because it’s so much heavier.

  18. Charles C. says:

    i rather have the challenger,it looks better in my opinion, mustangs are too common (alot of tourists that i see drive one) and i am not to fond of its looks…

  19. Jt Jones says:

    that’s old man FORD no longer owns any thing Mazda

  20. Jt Jones says:


  21. Geoff Brown says:

    And your guest narrator for this segment: Kermit the Frog

  22. Excisionqt says:

    I don’t know mang, If I drive down the road to the ford Dealership there is a GT500 just chillin there, waiting to be bought…. If it’s sold on the lot as “new” i consider it factory haha.. you’re probably gonna rip in to me for using this as an example, but a Honda Civic Si HFP.. (Honda Factory Performance kit) is installed at a dealership, not the factory, but the HFP is a factory performance vehicle, I don’t even. D;

  23. PennSt2005 says:

    In this case, Road and Track even specifies that the GT350 is not a production (factory) vehicle. It has modifications completed at Shelby Automotive. That is like saying the Hennessy Viper is a factory car because it was factory Viper that has been modified.

  24. Chris Hollier says:

    Sorta like seeing an overweight runner?

  25. Pinoyako11705 says:

    IMO, I prefer only auto down, instead of auto down+up because I don’t have to worry about finger placement when adjusting the window height for my preference

  26. OU812ICRUNVS says:


  27. Bo Jon says:

    same reason why you are an 89 car freak

  28. MrRexable says:

    @corinus88 he said.0-60 in 5.9 secs

  29. zachery desautels says:

    I am part Korean and i really would like a hyundai gen but i think i am going with the v6 premium mustang:)

  30. Bruno Andrade says:

    I have a v6 2012, and it also drives fast when needed not sacrificing my wallet like the RT I had in the past. Besides the insurance in the RT, around 10% more expensive.

  31. CCHawg says:

    I have a 2012 R/T Max with hood scoop and raised rear spoiler – it is comfortable, and bad fast with the 6 speed coupled with the 5.7 Hemi!

  32. Kane Bryant says:

    that car is very strong

  33. Gio Flores says:

    What a beautiful car such a performance disappointment..

  34. Matt Timken says:

    are you able to take off the engine cover on the r/t? i hate the cover.

  35. astros2021 says:

    get a trans am challengeris way to heavy trans am can hit 163 top speed

  36. CamaroLover99 says:

    Good review on this car !

  37. Gerardo Rocha says:

    great review, very informative and direct. keep up the good work!

  38. corinus88 says:

    would be really nice if you guys include some 0-60 times in your reviews

  39. 50023boy says:

    I love my RT! 

  40. shs231 says:

    mustang GT500 is the best !

  41. Matt Chambers says:

    this might be weird or whatever… but i think you should give the vehicle a rating out of 10 on each category you evaluate compared to its’ competitors…

  42. Josh Griffin says:

    You keep running that first stop sign! haha

  43. Siu Andy says:

    please do the 6.4

  44. and1813777 says:

    The srt is no longer a 6.1 it is now a 6.4 liter.

  45. Scott125670 says:

    I would buy a Challenger R/T just to start it up…*drools*

  46. 128venom says:

    THis is a DAMN good review! I agree with everything you said. The window control buttons seem dumb, why have only one touch down but not one touch up? Cheap steering wheel, shitty door handles. Great trunk space. Shitty mileage, even the srt has the same mileage as this, even though it has 100 more horsepower, wtf thats weird. It looks cool. American cars look cool but they need to step up the interiors. The camaro sucks at everything but looking cool, horrible visibility from what ive seen

  47. Michael Dutton says:

    Kowalski’s “Vanishing Point” Challenger! =D

  48. Dave Schwartz says:

    You are a fool! You have no taste in the greatest ca ever made. I own a 2010 Challenger and I love it. It gives me the power, the bling and looks fricken cool. you shoul review Japense imports for a living. Mopars are for big kids…..not you

  49. oscar trujillo says:

    You should review a 2012+ challenger r/t or srt8

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