Dodge Challenger R/T Classic?

Question by Chance: Dodge Challenger R/T Classic?
What is the difference between the Dodge Challenger R/T and the Dodge Challenger R/T Classic. I know that the classic has the RT stripes on the side and has classic written in cursive. is there any other difference other than those. Is the engine difference does one have a HEMI and the other does not?
When I say Dodge Challenger R/T Classic I mean the NEW one not the old one from the 70s the 2008-2012 one.

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Answer by O
The old Challenger R/T’s of the early ’70’s came standard with the 383 V8 and worked up to the 440, 440-6pak and the 426 HEMI. Some came with the stripes running along top of fenders from rear to front with R/T written on it at an angle. That was a sweet ride.

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  1. Don't know everything ! says:

    As former owner now caretaker of two numbers matching ’70 Challenger R/T’s and former owner of a ’70 318 Challenger purchased new and owner of a small block ’71 Challenger, I can honestly say I’ve never seen a Challenger “Classic” of any kind. However the “Challenger” name was in cursive on the ’70’s and I think the cursive carried through to the end of production. See for photos of the Challenger models. The striping available on the ’70 R/T’s consisted of a longitudinal stripe on either side with “R/T” lettering incorporated into the stripe on the front fender or a solid transverse stripe on the very tail end similar to the solid stripe on the ’69 and ’70 Chargers but at the very end of the body rather than slightly forward of the tail. It could also be had sans stripe and R/T emblems were found on the fenders. Of course all the R/T’s had the R/T emblem on the trunk lid and in the grille. The R/T model was built in the 1971 model year as well but in 1972 the R/T was replaced by the “Rallye” model powered by a 340 as the big block engines in the E-bodies were discontinued at the end of the 1971 model year. Model year 1973 saw the 340 engine as the performance model and in 1974 the 360 four barrel “Rallye” model ended the E-body run as the 340 succumbed to emission controls.

    I do believe today the first generation Challengers 1970 through 1974 are being referred to as the “classic” Challenger and the second generation (being built now) are being called “Challenger”.

    As far as engines available on the ’70 and ’71 R/T’s the standard engine was the 383 Magnum, followed by the 440 Magnum, the 440 Six Pack and the Hemi.

    UPDATE 3/18/2012, 7:00 AM EDT: Took me all of 10 seconds to find this by typing in “Dodge Challenger Classic” in the search engine, if an old guy like me can do that why can’t you?

  2. Chrysler Group Cares says:

    Dodge Challenger R/T Classic Includes:
    Additional Standard Features: Dual R/T body side stripes, Xenon HID headlamps, functional hood scoop, Challenger script badge, and 20 inch forged polished aluminum wheel.

    Dodge Challenger R/T Includes:
    Performance antilock 4 wheel brakes, performance steering, performance suspension, antispin rear axle (manual transmission), folding heated body-color exterior mirrors, body color rear spoiler.

    Both vehicles have the Hemi engine.

    Customer Care
    Chrysler Group LLC

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