Do you have the perfect sight when it comes to racing?

Looking after the health of your eyes, and taking the time to correct any issues should come naturally, regardless of your job title or status. Imagine, though, that your line of work involves driving, or even racing, cars; maintaining your vision and the wellbeing of your eyes just got even more essential.

Common problems that drivers may encounter

There are a number of common visual issues that can affect a driver’s fitness behind the wheel. Some are more serious and difficult to fix than others. Short or long sightedness, for example, will reduce a driver’s ability to see objects in the distance, or those within a short range. Monocular vision, meanwhile, refers to the complete loss of sight in one eye, while conditions such as cataracts, bilateral glaucoma, retina disorders, or night blindness can severely impede a person’s driving abilities. Some conditions, such as short or long sightedness can be corrected with the use of glasses or contact lenses, while others will require more invasive treatment, such as laser surgery or an operation, or even lead to a restricted driving license if they cannot be rectified.

Now, think about the sort of skills that racing drivers are expected to have; their cars are driven much, much faster than those on the highways, their reaction time will be much shorter, and they are supposed to be able to follow the movements of the road ahead to judge every twist and turn. While vision issues can be tolerated, they must have been corrected satisfactorily to ensure that each driver is fit for racing. If you currently race, or are keen to take up a career in motor racing, do you think your eye health would make the grade?

Correcting your vision

There are numerous ways that you can correct your vision, many of them accepted by driving bodies and race officials. One of the most common and popular methods of vision correction is by laser surgery. While this option will sometimes cost a little more than other routes, it is, by far, one of the best ways to achieve results, and to ensure lasting vision for the years ahead. Racing drivers who have undergone laser eye surgery must still pass the same vision tests as their contemporaries, although the improvements should be apparent almost immediately. If this sounds like something you could consider, be sure to conduct your research; it can be relatively easy to find a Lasik expert in Toronto, for example, as well as identifying the most reputable companies to use.
Whatever your line of work, or desired hobby, it is always essential to speak to an ophthalmic professional before making any decisions regarding your eye care; your eyes are so precious, and should be treated with the utmost care. Whether you require glasses or lenses, would prefer laser surgery, or need more urgent treatment, you must always be mindful of the benefits of eye care to your career – racing drivers, do you measure up?


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