Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 vs Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca! – Head 2 Head Episode 3

On this episode of Head 2 Head, Chevrolet’s new 2012 Camaro ZL1 faces off against the reigning champion of the pony cars, Ford’s 2012 Boss 302 Laguna Seca Ed…

For the latest Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 pricing, reviews and vehicle information: The Shelby GT500 is the…
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50 Responses to Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 vs Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca! – Head 2 Head Episode 3

  1. str8lucks2000GT says:

    New Camaro SS, Trailblazer SS, etc.

  2. bustalip810 says:

    yes exactly. torque is their game. So just cuz an engine is huge, doesnt mean it has to have a lot of hp. By the way, which Chevy has a 6,2 and 400hp?

  3. str8lucks2000GT says:

    Not the LZ1 genius. The SS. C’mon man use your common sense.

  4. camshaft53149 says:

    They should compare the shelby to the zl1.. shelby would win hands down, dont know why they dont compare those two.

  5. michael smioth says:

    Won’t you guys race the zl1 vs gt500

  6. nbmblownZ says:

    If you’re talking about the GT vs SS why are your numbers so off? SS makes more horsepower and torque than a GT. You say you’re a fan of all muscle but underate the Camaro’s HP and overate the Mustang’s HP when comparing them. Sounds like bias to me.

  7. Ythethird says:

    the ZL1 is not 400 hp :S it is 580 super charged

  8. Daytoncards69 says:


  9. Nico Gonsalez says:

    K hermosa carro (camaro)

  10. str8lucks2000GT says:

    Not talking about the ZR1. Just talking about the SS and GT. and on the diesels…1. we are talking about muscle cars not work trucks and 2. look at the damn torque on some of those trucks. That’s where their power is.

  11. bustalip810 says:

    the Chevy ZR1 is 6.2L and 638 hp. Wheres your say in that?? Size doesnt necessarily mean hp. Diesel engines are huge but most aint even got 400 hp

  12. bustalip810 says:

    580 vs 650 isnt fair neither

  13. 03venomoussvt says:

    Maybe you haven’t heard of the 5.8L in the GT500 it makes 662HP or the 6.2L LS9 on the ZR1 which also makes 638Hp.

  14. TheShun556 says:


  15. TheShun556 says:

    Americans can’t tune cars. 6 litres in Britain mostly make over 600 hp

  16. Dubz0408 says:

    all this time people have compared the superchaged ford gt to the n/a corvette. now we have a supercharged camaros vs n/a mustangs… payback?

  17. Dubz0408 says:

    4051lbs vs 3638lbs, its fair now…

  18. Myevo8u007 says:

    I wish GM would take 300 #’s away from the maro it would even be more of a beast. They made the too fat.

  19. venomsaad says:

    Lets not forget…this is motor trend.

  20. nbmblownZ says:

    5.0 makes more power than a 6.2? No it doesn’t. LS3s make more power than Coyote 5.0s.Not to mention the new 6.2s are rumored to have 475 HP although they say “over 450 HP”. And the Boss has 444 HP which is a coyote with cnc’d heads, larger cams, intake manifold, exhaust,lighter rotating assembly…you can make 650 HP doing the same mods to a 6.2. Not to mention 5.0s make shit for torque compared to 6.2s.

  21. OblivionNigh says:

    I agree with you but I think we are referencing the Pony car wars. Mustang vs Camaro vs Challenger vs Charger. A super cars like the corvette is ment to go up against Lambos and Ferraris not the $30k-$50k market. That being said, the new Corvette is a MONSTER. Drove one about a week back. Beautiful car. best Chevy to date.

  22. OblivionNigh says:

    I work for Chevy. It’s my bread and butter. I drive a Stang. I’ll tell you off the back there is no comparing a 302 vs a ZL1 there is a nearly $10k difference in price between the two… Lets try to compare cars that are on an even keel.

  23. drfaticus F-gm says:

    sure no problem.GT500>CRAPMARO.

  24. str8lucks2000GT says:

    Nice and thank you for the info that I can use against that couper fag lol

  25. str8lucks2000GT says:

    Yea sure you fucking retard. Get a life. If you hate Ford then you are not really into american muscle. 5.0L makes more HP than a 6.2L….Mustang outsold Camaro last month. Plus the Mustang just overall looks better. Get the fuck off your high house dumb fucking idiot. Look at motortrends other videos of the V6 Mustang/Camaro/Challenger/etc. and look at their other video of the V8 Mustang/Camaro/Challenger…Mustang won BOTH! I love all muscle but there you go if you’re going to be a fag.

  26. 0TheLostArtist0 says:

    Sure but I’m talking about an actual factory option. That info is false because you can get the leather Recaros in a GT not just a Shelby.

  27. wc3john says:

    everything is an option if you have enough cash

  28. 2cars10 says:

    the boss is the best handling mustang not the gt500. the gt500 is the higher top speed and faster drag time.

  29. Alex White says:

    Loved the review didnt constantly mention other name brands thats better or that it beats just about this car good and bad

  30. crzy300 says:

     I own a Shelby gt500 and all the flaws that you have mentioned in this video are a 100% TRUE you rock ! , i hope Ford gets to see this video and fix them But over all the gt500 is an amazing car<3 @kbb

  31. hershey022390 says:

    BTW the GT500 is NOT the faster mustang ever heard of the 2013 Shelby GT500 Super Snake , which develops 850 horsepower?????

  32. hershey022390 says:

    I hate the new KBB reviews. The older ones are MUCH better simply because they were short sweet and to the point. They need to review this car under NORMAL driving conditions. I feel like i am being sold this car and not given a strong review. They need to go back to the short sweet and to the point reviews and keep it to normal driving conditions. Like speed limits and such, burning out tires and sliding the car around turn is not legal nor should it be in a KBB review.

  33. 0TheLostArtist0 says:

    WTF? You can get the leather Recaros in the Mustang GT as an option.

  34. Denimourson says:

    Kobe Bryant might be interested in this vehicle.

  35. copracer77able says:

    Not bad for a car that can beat exotics costing twice as much !

  36. henchicken1 says:

    Carol left with a bang!! i think this will be the highest horsepower mustang ever built as the cafe standards start to take effect, although i have heard an ecoboost 5.0L for the next generation shelby which still should be close to the 5.8L

  37. Lance Francois says:

    Nobody cares about the track

  38. BEBNC1 says:

    They are close in the straight…edge GT500, as it should, it has a much better power-to-weight ratio (6.33lbs/hp Z06 vs 5.75lbs/hp GT500). Now, on the track, the Z06 squashes the shit out of the GT500…. and it isn’t even close.

  39. Ara Jabar says:

    I have the V6 and it’s like rocketship ,,,,wholly molly …imagine how 662 hp feel like o.O

  40. CurryGuy305 says:

    Great Review

  41. 1989rs500 says:

    Wait chevvys the 2015 mustang isnt too far away, its got what we want an independent rear suspension and its premium inside and the looks will kill all other pony cars instantaneously even some germans, also it will be offered with adjustable dampers a frugal 2.3 l ecoboost that pumps 321 bhp@ 6000 rpm and 300-332 ft pnd @2000-4500 rpm, thats miles better than the v6 ecxept for its sound and estimated 0-60 in 4.8s top speed of 168 mph and handles like a Subaru BRZ, also offerd in 475 hp 5.0 v8

  42. Lance Francois says:

    LMAO! The Zo6 isn’t faster!

  43. Dmax734 says:

    Mustang* stupid spell check

  44. Dmax734 says:

    This gt500 Ian probably the worst busting ever built. All they did is add over 100hp and put fake brembos and that’s it basically chassis is slightly stiffened and this thing drifts with traction control. Rather spend 5k more for a zo6 and be faster than this spinning heap of junk.

  45. Steven Jackson says:

    other than an oil change costs 90 dollars, there is NOTHING wrong with this car

  46. Kyle Justin says:

    America’s badboy along with the new Corvette and SRT Viper.

  47. Thomas Devito says:

    Too much horse power is never enough. Awesome and funny review as always kbb 😀

  48. fatboy19831 says:

    I would rather have the BOSS.

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