Chevrolet Camaro?

Question by Daky: Chevrolet Camaro?
I live in Croatia (Europe) and i really really really want that car!!
can someone tell me were i can buy it because we don’t have it here?? are there any in Europe anyway?
how much does it cost and how much it would cost me if i buy it in america and then ship it over here??

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Answer by Kris N
Are you talking about the “concept Camaro” in the movie “Transformers”? If so, it’s not yet been released in the US either. The estimated costs here when it comes out are around $ 22-28k for the V6 coupe, $ 32-40k for the RS or Z-28 coupe (they haven’t decided which model to produce yet, but no SS for the first year) and up to $ 45k for a loaded convertible RS or Z.
I would estimate by the time you paid tariffs and customs fees in addition to the shipping costs, you’re looking at $ 15k or more just to get it over to you….that’s if it’s even legal transport based on trading laws to your country, emissions, fuel consumption, etc. IF any are to be shipped to Europe, I’d check locales such as London or Paris, and possibly around the Autobahn in Germany….vehicular cosmopolitan hubs which would be likely to import exotic novelties from the US such as this. However, be expecting to pay a premium. I’d say roughly 3-5x actual cost.
The Concept Camaro is due for release in the US in September of ’08 for the ’09 model year. However, if you can find means to ship it, with a substantial downpayment, I would think that people can start ordering a car made to their specifications by summer of ’08 to be delivered in September. The Camaro is actually being made in Canada, by General Motors, by the way, so you may be able to do importation through Canadian officials instead of the US – it may be easier. Also, if you get a Canadian car, the various fluid units and also your gauges will be in metric measurements instead of English. Hope this helps….I’m dying waiting for them to be released, too!
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  1. vtx.1800retro says:

    there is not a Camaro made yet,, you’ll have to wait like everyone else, maybe late 2008 or 2009

  2. string6bassman says:

    I have heard the new Camaro would be produced by GM’s Holden in Australia alongside the Pontiac GTO. Guess we’ll have to wait to see the first letter of the VIN #

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