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Thirteen Precautionary Tips To Buy The Best Motorcycle Parts

Blessed with an efficient bike is always a pleasant and convenient aspect of the life of a person who does not own a car at yet. His bike plays a vital role in the accomplishment of his daily tasks which

5 Maintaince Issues That Can Make Your Car Dangerous

Most people don’t realize the importance of car maintenance. It’s not just about making sure that your car looks good or even that it runs efficiently. Car maintenance is important for safety as well. If you don’t keep your car

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping a Classic Car

The act of shipping a classic car is a process that must be treated delicately and with great care. The transport company you hire should have all of the right qualifications if you are to trust them to safely deliver

Let’s Make Your Muscle Car Faster

If you’ve stumbled across this blog, then you must be a big muscle car fan, right? You love the big, arrogant size of the hood. You love the fierce growl of the engine, and the feeling of power when you

Do you have the perfect sight when it comes to racing?

Looking after the health of your eyes, and taking the time to correct any issues should come naturally, regardless of your job title or status. Imagine, though, that your line of work involves driving, or even racing, cars; maintaining your

Why Peugeot Should be Your Next Second Hand Buy

As one of France’s best-established and most long-lasting brands, Peugeot is an incredibly popular choice of car in Europe. They have a reputation for building vehicles that offer drivers comfort and excellent performance, but what sets them aside is the

Where and how to Source the Best Value Used Cars

Despite the often devastating impact caused by recession, many citizens fail to heed to the warnings of financial austerity. This can be seen through a number of figures, with the difference between new and used car sales providing a relevant

Tip: Stance

Stance goes hand-in-hand with your ride’s wheel and tire combination, and it may be just as critical. Even the coolest rollers won’t keep a car from looking dorky if it sits wrong. Are you still running that tail-up stinkbug rake

Tip: Flames & Paint

GraphicsCar crafters have been dabbling with paint and graphics since the beginning. Rather than repainting your entire car, which for most of us takes a lot more than a weekend, consider complementing the existing paint with graphics of some sort.

Tip: Suspension and brakes

Maybe the part of your car that needs changing is its very foundation-the chassis. If you’re rolling around on a clapped-out suspension, you don’t need us to tell you to rebuild it. This may be yet another opportunity to upgrade.

Tip: Drive train

Whether you opt to upgrade to a late-model engine or not, you may still want to consider giving your existing powerplant a drivetrain makeover. Currently, the most popular trend for vintage rides is a swap to an overdrive transmission. This

Tip: Wheels and tires

Probably the single biggest improvement you can make to any vehicle’s appearance is to change the wheels and tires. Altering the type, size, and style of the rolling stock has been popular since guys first started messing around with cars

Tip: Interior

The cockpit of a 30-year-old performance car can have many frightening, or at least, annoying features. A good interior should be visually appealing as well as functional and comfortable. The most obvious trouble spots are the seats, which might be

Tip: Engine bay

Much like its interior, your car’s engine bay should be functional and attractive. If your ride has been a victim of overzealous motorheads for the past few decades, there are probably all sorts of crimes being committed under its hood.

Tip: Exhaust

On most cars that have been subjected to high-performance use, the factory exhaust system was trashed long ago, and 30 years later, there might just be a real mess hanging in its place. That 15-year-old muffler shop dual-exhaust system, bent