Best Pontiac GTO exhaust sounds

Best Pontiac GTO exhaust sounds 2006 Pontiac GTO 6.0 after market heads – FAST 102 intake and comp cam kooks long tubes with catted x pipe and magnaflow catb…

Comparison Test: Subaru WRX STi by Ken Block:…
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35 Responses to Best Pontiac GTO exhaust sounds

  1. jkmunlimited says:

    I love goats!

  2. EddieZ2785 says:

    There is me at :20 :-)..Nice video and thanks for adding me in it.

  3. Riley Nelson says:

    fap fap fap

  4. badboyonhonda250ex says:

    Holy shit them things are mean

  5. Jose Chavarria says:

    @ 40

  6. therandomfilmsco says:


  7. emericareaper2 says:


  8. Thundercat1115 says:


  9. ravesilly says:

    they called the GTO king kong because its an american car and the STI Godzilla because its Japanese car

  10. Bill Pierce says:

    For me, I’d much rathe have the GTO, change the tires, stiffen the shocks and lower the ride height, and you’ve got a road racing monster! Remember the 05-06 Rolex Racing series and you’ll see a properly set up GTO! 2005, TRG should have won that GT championship! But a Porsche spun out the GTO on the last lap in Montreal. But no one could stop TRG in 2006, The Pontiac dominated the GT division!!!! cheers gentlemen

  11. KoG GoK says:

    ahaha they called a stock sti godzilla

  12. DoomAStiG007 says:


  13. Jared Tate says:

    I agree
    the sti is a complete monster amazing all rounder.. very cool sounds awesome, real blokes car..

    the GTO though is one of a kind, HSV gto is an australian car it is so cool a big aggressive cam they sound and go hard, put on slicks and its launch is crazy, driving them around town is crazy as your always reminded of the power of that big 6L. soo much torque/low end power oh man

    STi feels so unnatural with its power that turbo is crazy, the lateral grip & traction is unreal

  14. Jared Tate says:

    your a winner if you buy either of these cars, just different purposes.

  15. Jared Tate says:

    man both cars are really really cool!!!!!
    a GTO is an amazing muscle car, the STi itself is a complete monster subaru makes logical cars.

    the fact you can do rallysprints, short tracks/med tracks, rallying with the STi…

    with the GTO you can throw it in a gear put your foot down it moves cos of the torque, responsive n/a power, also good for long tracks, 1/4 mile with slicks.

    both are really good blokes cars.

  16. autoxerwgn says:

    Didn’t mention that the GTO was on slippery all season BFG KDWS tires when the STI comes with sticky Potenza RE070’s. Tires make a huge difference.

  17. hubbgjgbfg says:

    Lets not forget use now. GTO is more of that Sunday cruise car whereas the STI is still quick, sporty, has more room, and has one of the best AWD systems you can get. All depends on what you really want.

  18. James Caple says:

    Other cars Include M3 G35Turbo 370z Stage 2 SRT-4….

  19. James Caple says:

    Ive had both cars Back To Back Stage 2 STI and A gto with bolt-ons and a tune….. Yes STI handles like a dream… But theres nothing like a Monster LS2 under the hood… Coming form a guy Who loves JDM… GTO is a monster package Plus you can get a 6.0 for 15kkk with low milage.. Bang for the Buck for monster power GTO all day..

  20. Doobigum2 says:

    An STI is stock? lol. Tell me more about that.

  21. 03ram1500hbb says:

    oooooo such big words… rainy road… your joking right??? the GTO handles as well as an M3, i dont know what they’re talking about i this video. wait till 2015… pontiac is coming back… and plus foreign cars suck…

  22. LittleBlueSubie says:

    ‘Murican drivers realized one major fail: STI is still made. Goat is not. Fail, fail, fail. Doesn’t matter what it “might” have been, it ain’t anymore

  23. LittleBlueSubie says:

    you are an idiot with your epithets. A 300hp stock car vs a 450 hp car with a supercharger? Your “fair fight” is about as stupid as your comment. If that were fair and I had the STI i’d take it on snow. Or mud. Or rainy road. Your goat would lose badly.

  24. CMKvideos says:

    did he say 14 second 1/4 mile in the GTO? I have a 2005 GTO and ive never done that bad in the 1/4 mile

  25. joeldhensonk says:

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  26. kpro831 says:

    Ok well gto will run 13.5 stock 1/4 and is half the price idk this is one of the worst reviews I’ve ever seen both respectable cars

  27. 03ram1500hbb says:

    STI is GAY… much rather have a car than a lunchbox on wheels… i’d like to see the sti face the supercharged option on the gto 🙂

  28. fabostaxx says:

    The GTO will get you more pussy!,

  29. myvanhascandy says:

    A tune will help, but the whole top end should be different.

  30. BallisticTip270WSM says:

    i know that. why would they tune a truck the same as a muscle car. Trucks are for pulling. but i can tune mine the same way as a GTO

  31. Daniel Fredrick says:

    its not the same engine, its a LS2 yours is just a Vortec 6000. HUGE difference in the way the engine is tuned

  32. Ryne Smith says:

    the price duh

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