Are Ford Mustang (2005 +)cars reliable?

Question by GUSTAVO: Are Ford Mustang (2005 +)cars reliable?
Im thknking of buying a 2005 Ford Mustang for my first car. they look good, low price, and i just love muscle cars which is why i want one, but my dad says that Ford and Nissan are the most unreliable cars that anyone can buy. Is that true or does it not matter? I dont want to but a vehicle that might turn out to need repair too often as im still a teen and dont have that much money. What do you guys think?

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Answer by richard r
there very unreliable man i beat fords all the time in my acura thats a 4cyl sure its the type R engine but still thats so pathetic on fords end that a tiny little 4cyl can smoke one of their V8’s

buy anything honda or acura or toyota or lexus…. you will NOT be left stranded in a ford!!!! hope u take my advice and your first car will be your only car.

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  1. ryanseright says:

    One of my friends got a 2007 V6 as his first car. It’s a great car. Gas mileage is decent. It’s got a good amount of torque which makes for easy around-town driving. It’s not really fast, but good for a V6 mustang. Also, in the 2 years he has had it, he’s had no repairs.

  2. cobrajet says:

    Ford has some of the highest quality cars out there. Look at reviews online and you’ll see Ford vehicles always rank high in quality and reliability at least since the early 2000’s. Perhaps quality wasn’t as good in the 80’s and most of the 90’s but you are interested in a 2005 current 5th generation Mustang. It’s a highly rated car and holds it’s value more than most others. A v6 won’t beat too many cars out there but a GT definitely will and both will handle well and look good doing it. Either way, you’re driving a Mustang so you already have style and class that most other cars don’t have.
    I’m sure your father had a bad experience with a Ford at some point in his life but one or two cars doesn’t represent the entire brand especially these days. Most of Ford’s lineup over the past decade has gotten outstanding reviews. All cars will necessitate repairs but it tends to depend more on the condition and mileage of the vehicle.

  3. Chris Brown says:

    Yes Ford cars are good bet now a days..Go for it…..

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