5th June – Ford Mustang is here!

Ok this is just a short clip of the Mustang being unloaded, it belongs to my buddy – who has waited for weeks on end for it to arrive!!! He finally picked it…


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  1. HURLBUT6805 says:

    WELL we will see! LOL hope to see vids of some one restoring that piece of work!

  2. shopdogsam says:

    ,,, oh, that will buff right out,,,,,,

  3. buckcreekman1 says:

    Want some more I will send some over .

  4. jevchance says:

    Man I want a rag top 🙂

  5. danelectro68 says:

    To be honest the welding and body rebuild is going to be worse!!!!! It’s got a hell of a lot of holes in it…..I’d go as far as saying there is no floor!! lol

    I will do videos on his behalf, he’s not into the whole videos and YT thing…..shame really

  6. xcrashlandx says:

    I think the tear down and inventory is going to be the hardest. Sure wish he was in the gang so we can see the progress.

  7. danelectro68 says:

    lol, yeah I agree Laurie…….they look shocking!! bit like the old capri wheels of the 80’s!!!

  8. Laurie Harper says:

    OK, tell him to start with changing those rear wheels… he’ll be half way home in 15 minutes. The other half could take a while… 😛

  9. danelectro68 says:

    yeah could be!!!

  10. danelectro68 says:

    Cheers terry!

  11. danelectro68 says:

    more than a little!!

  12. danelectro68 says:

    I ain’t done nothing doug!!!!!!  lol

  13. danelectro68 says:

    Long while tush!!!

  14. danelectro68 says:

    He doesn’t really do the youtube thing…..he rarely takes photos of projects….so lots of stuff get’s forgotten and missed….shame really. I’ll be over there regularly to do some updates! 

    I doubt it’ll be started for another 6 months

  15. danelectro68 says:

    It will doug…….not guaranteed I’ll be doing the full resto, I’ll be doing the paint for sure….there’s lots of people wanting to get their sticky fingers on it!! I may be last in the line!! lol

  16. danelectro68 says:

    yeah some serious buffing!

  17. danelectro68 says:


    cheers tony

  18. danelectro68 says:

    lol, not all the parts were packed tight into every nook and cranny!! Yeah it’s a hell of a project, for me personally I would enjoy the challenge……..we will see what a disaster it turns into!!!

  19. danelectro68 says:

    you got it!!!

  20. danelectro68 says:

    lots of Fordness Scott!!! it could be a total disaster….I’m just hoping it’ll be done care……you can’t go steaming in on this one, be very easy to screw it up completely

  21. AlchemistLair says:

    She’s gonna be a cool project!!

  22. wtbm123 says:


  23. zzzdogutube says:

    Little rough. He’ll learn that car inside and out. Thanks

  24. HURLBUT6805 says:

    WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? now it””””’s assured your crazy! LOL

  25. cheftush says:

    That should keep him busy for awhile 🙂

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