5k down payment for 2010 chevrolet camaro?

Question by ©º°¨¨°º© banny ©º°¨¨°º©: 5k down payment for 2010 chevrolet camaro?
i really like the car and i would like to know if 5k down payment for a 2010 camaro is enough? also i wanna know how much wud be my monthly payments for the car. Im 22 years old and i got my drivers license since 18.

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Answer by GEEGEE
It would depend on the selling price of the car and the interest rate you are paying on financing. If you go to Edmonds.com I believe they have payment calculators that let you plug in different numbers to get approximate amounts.

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  1. Ben says:

    Camaro? Nice car, however spendy.

    There is a lot more we need to know before we can answer your question. For example is there a trade in, credit score, what kind of accessories you want in the vehicle and how long you actually want to make payments.

    Anyways my dad always said, “If you can’t afford to buy a car in six years then you don’t need it.” So lets go off of a six year payment plan. A new Camaro costs anywhere from $ 25000-35000. You would probably get a loan with %7-8.5 interest per year on it unless you get someone with great credit to co-sign which would drop it down to about %6-6.5.

    Lets assume you don’t have a co-signer. With an interest rate of %7.5 and a 5k down payment you could be paying anywhere between $ 350-550 per month for six years…..

    My best suggestion for an actual price and payments would be to go to the dealership where you would like to make this purchase. Hope that was a little helpful.

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