5 Maintaince Issues That Can Make Your Car Dangerous

Most people don’t realize the importance of car maintenance. It’s not just about making sure that your car looks good or even that it runs efficiently. Car maintenance is important for safety as well. If you don’t keep your car well maintained, it could be dangerous to drive on the road. Unfortunately, there are a few car safety maintenance checks that drivers always forget. If you want to make sure that your car is safe, you must remember these.

  1. Check Your Tyre Tread


Your tyre tread is important because it gives you extra grip on the road. If your tyre tread has been damaged, it’s best to replace that tyre. Even the slightest tear or break in the tread can affect the grip on the road. You may not notice it at first. But it could easily cause an accident. If you have a spare, you can switch the tyres. If it’s more than one tyre that needs replacing, you can buy cheap tyres online. Never let the situation worsen before you switch the tyres.

2) Tyre Pressure


We’re still looking at tyres, but now we need to think about the tyre pressure. You need to check that your tyres are fully inflated. You can do this quite easily by giving them a firm kick. If you don’t feel any give, your tyre pressure is probably fine. If you’re unsure, you can always use a pressure gauge, but this isn’t usually necessary. You will feel it if there’s a problem with your pressure.

3) Car Cleaning


When you clean your car, you need to think about more than just the bodywork. You need to clean around the wheels as well as over the bonnet of your car. A thorough clean will get rid of any dirt or mud building up in dangerous areas. One example of the brake pads. If dirt and grime build up in between the pads, this can reduce your braking distance. That’s why you need to wash yours on a regular basis. You should also give your brakes a quick test before you go on a long drive.

4) Windscreen Wipers


It’s amazing how many drivers neglect this part of car maintenance. There are drivers who think that windscreen wipers will last as long as the car. This isn’t true, and you’ll probably need to change them every couple of years. You need to make sure that your wipers are cleaning the windscreen effectively. Grime should not be left once you have wiped your windows and this could distort your vision.

5) Lights

Have you ever seen someone flashing their lights at you for seemingly no reason? Usually, this is because one of your lights is out. If it’s just one, you may not notice, but it’s still dangerous. The problem is that you will switch your lights off before you get out the car. Due to this, you’ll never see it unless someone tells you or you leave them on by accident. That’s why you should check your lights next week.


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