2014 New Ford Mustang Commercial

Get the first look at the new 2014 Ford Mustang with music by The Features, How It Starts! In this video, you will see a glimpse of the Mustang 5.0, Boss 302…
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  1. Ösztön Ember says:

    0:47 really sick:)

  2. 1VaDude says:

    Truly a great car – I’d love to have one. Whether or not you are a fan of the Mustang, it is one of the ONLY cars (aside from the Corvette) that has stood the test of time and you always know what it is when you see one on the road. If you see a 1965, 1975, 1985 or 2014 Mustang, you will recognize it as such.

    You can’t say that about very many other cars.

  3. james badilla says:

    2018 commercials

  4. EngAwsAdnan says:

    It’s 2013 not 2014, PUNK

  5. FunNguns says:

    My 2007 Ford ranger 4.0 shoc is a piece o shit , with 100,000 KM it has needed a new trans 5r55e garbage, 2 new t stats, a rad, tie rod ends and a transfer cace. Not to mention it blew a front brake line last week. Fuck you ford for selling me a polished turd of a truck and this is for ALL the service reps ..!.. ..!.. I had a pontiac 6000 le with 265,000 kms and only sold it because I needed a truck. I should have kept the pontiac 6000 and got a trailer. FORD = Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge

  6. carson carroll says:

    What is this song called

  7. MrBraylonkush says:

    Is that Tony Gonzalez @0:18 ?

  8. MyDreamusic says:

    i’ve looked at this comercial 5-6 times :D can’t get enough of it!

  9. MyDreamusic says:

    Best muscle car in the world!

  10. henchicken1 says:

    mustang and a fleet of crown vics! 

  11. xsnakemw says:

    That’s actually the 2013 but there’s no difference

  12. teemu kiva says:


  13. helio figueiredo says:

    qual é esse musica

  14. Rotzie Fotzie says:

    sounds like Franz Ferdinand!!! great beat

  15. HANOZ MEHTA says:


  16. Yahaira Ponce says:

    How it starts - the features

  17. juan david zuleta says:

    Saben como se llama la canción?

  18. Pascal Dakroub says:

    How come there’s a Boss 302 if they say there’s no Boss 302 in 2014?

  19. Pascal Dakroub says:

    Aahh how come there’s a Boss 302 if there’s no boss 302 in 2014?

  20. manuelfuentes275 says:

    Cool car

  21. Heather Garlitz says:

    Wow, you sound so intelligent, before you post another comment maybe you should go back to elementary school and learn how to form sentences and spell, dumb ass motherfucker! !

  22. iason papadopoulos says:

    Okay so you are talking shit about mustangs right okay i hope you and your fucking ass bitch chevelle crush in the drag strip and you die mother fucker. remind me again why chevy stop making camaro. Oh yeah because no one was buying them fucking hater

  23. Sebastian Gaviria says:

    How it starts - The Features

  24. wyunaboy says:

    amazing how Greenpeace never raise their objection on this gas guzzler car but focusing their effort on screwing third world countries who trying to make a living.

  25. justinpugh622 says:


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