2013 Mustang Boss 302 – Jay Leno’s Garage

Mustang Chief Engineer Dave Pericak gives Jay a detailed look at the new Boss 302 – 444 naturally aspirated hp! Subscribe NOW to Jay Leno’s Garage: http://fu…

On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago drives the new 2013 Ford Mustang GT. Now featuring 420 horsepower and enhanced performance options, this latest vers…
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48 Responses to 2013 Mustang Boss 302 – Jay Leno’s Garage

  1. George Jetson says:

    I read an interview of Carroll’s a long time ago. He said Ford charged $700 for the 427 Side Oiler, while they charged him $300 for a 428 Police Interceptor engine. He said that very few 427 AC’s had the 427, the vast majority of them got the 428’s. Interesting stuff.

  2. George Jetson says:

    I saw that too. He’s doing a lot at the same time. Keeping the camera car nearby & describing the car (quite well I think) You see that a lot here in Florida.

  3. George Jetson says:

    I drove it. The Tremec feels better. The Boss’s trans was glaring at me. Ford did it for economic reasons, it’s not better than the Tremec that’s in the GT500.

  4. FloridaRaider says:

    that sound is amazing 

  5. Shades shady says:

    52k mmmm if im shelling out over 50 k on a car , i would choose a vette hands down

  6. 2013FiveOh says:

    The MT82 is bulletproof IMO. I’ve owned two so far, each of them have seen daily street/track abuse, slamming gears, shreding tires, 140+ mph speeds, you name it, without issue.

    I think 99% of the people complaing about the MT82 just couldn’t drive their car like it’s meant to be driven. The linkage is spring-loaded, which means you need to really jam those gears and use proper hand positioning, and only when you start to drive it like a man, does it reward you.

  7. George Jetson says:

    I love the engine. But Ford’s decision to install a Getrag trans made in China turned me away. The GT500 has the Tremec.

  8. Marcus Mar says:

    6:41 Tell that to all the guys having shifting problems with their MT82 transmission. Terrible choice on Fords part to opt for that trans. Should’ve used a T56 or TR6060. Good thing is, most people have isolated the problem to the shifter, so the fix is as easy as getting an aftermarket shifter! Still BS though… The 6060 in the GT500s takes a lot more abuse and doesn’t have that problem.

  9. Kyle Murphy says:

    Ugh I hate mustangs I’m ok with ford gts

  10. Victor K says:

    not really, but it sure isn’t as nice as the f-type

  11. AllGamerNL says:

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  12. Hulk Brogan says:

    festiva shogun, not taurus

  13. DANNY40379 says:


  14. delawaredistroyer says:

    Im looking forward to buying one used. Save thousands, makes a car like this reasonable.

  15. Sudarshan Desigan says:

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  16. xavier perez says:

    @68lincoln who would want an auto trans in a sports car anyways? That’s lame af

  17. 68lincoln says:

    Nice looking Boss 302 (nice as far as new cars go and I’m not a big fan of newer cars). But for $47,000 and you can’t get an automatic trans? Why not? Fans of automatics have to settle for a lesser 2013 I guess (not smart marketing). And I hate the stupid electronics like selecting the steering wheel range a la computer read out (gimme a break). The tiny steering wheels on these new cars are just too small. Well, I guess you can tell that I like my 1968 Mustang GT a lot better than a 2013 302.

  18. bigdickboyzclub says:

    Not a ford guy but this thing in black….wow

  19. Tyler Thornsburg says:

    i was practically drueling watching this

  20. grimsheezy says:

    did he really have his left turn signal on and got into the right lane ?

  21. rheniformer says:

    If you have read this please also read the comment by 2013FiveOh that clears up my engine displacement comment faux pas. For the record, I stand corrected and have learned something.

  22. rheniformer says:

    Really! I did not know that the difference was so small, I checked the math and it totally works! Rounds up to 5.0, rounds down to a 302 and obeys the mathematical rules of rounding. I guess I could have done the research easy enough but kind of jumped to conclusion and became “That Guy”. Thank you for pointing that out, the lesson is on me. I test drove a 2012 GT by the way, it was Outstanding!

  23. william boulton says:

    5:55 he asks how much lighter it is than the 427 supercharged motor

  24. astenaxfg2 says:

    Cant wait to get mine!!!!

  25. Stratking01 says:

    So it’s got a live axle and that’s old tech, yea ok, but it’s great ride. Road trips are a blast in this car. I took it from Chicago to San Diego and didn’t wanna make a pit stop. It may not completely dominate handling-wise on the track with that axle, but Ford has done a pretty decent job with it, that people do actually track and auto cross this car here and there with that solid axle. Also, an occasional bump may hurt, but it will in any car and how often will you track it anyways?

  26. Justinas Sebeckis says:

    nonsense, plastic piece, all american cars are plastic

  27. Dota Usaroom says:

    the fastest car you mean?

  28. jocelcore grindcore says:

    hey the car fast is buggati veryon

  29. kamata93 says:

    Ford Mustang GT 🙂

  30. MrSpartan117fan says:

    its not 3800lbs…

  31. eugeneg3110 says:

    I don’t know what to get dodge challenger srt8 or Ford mustang gt?

  32. frankez1975 says:

    2014 Trac Pack owner here….loved my 01 Camaro SS but this Mustang is on a whole different level. Wow

  33. sahiel5 says:

    eee heres the thing 2015 will have independent rear – and its ofisial

  34. 1234zcrom says:

    I think the brembo package is a boss on the budget after spending about $1000 in exhaust/tune its about the same. As long as you don’t opt for the Recaro seats… I just can’t justify spending money for those seats when you can get nice power leather seats which are more comfortable without spending the extra

  35. Sonmi Chang says:

    It is still made in China and still a piece of junk. Cost cutting measure. Automatic is made in good ol USA. M/T is faster but is a piece of shit. Motor Week tested a loaded 13′ Stang with the Auto at 5.2 sec. for 0-60. I drove the auto and it was slow compared to the M/T.

  36. Sonmi Chang says:

    The Stang in this video is just the way I would want mine equipped except for the wheels. Would install the Boss 302 stock rims and tint the windows. Wicked. As for the nose diving under breaking and “pitching back and forth” the tester complained that can be easily fixed with suspension parts from the Ford Racing catalog and installed a the local Ford dealer. As for the shifter “getting caught up”, that’s what happens when they make em in China…

  37. Andy34mn says:

    I have a 2014 track pack and the car is great. Hope I didn’t make a mistake by not waiting on the 2015

  38. Tony Hayrapetian says:

    I wonder what all the people talking shit really drive

  39. IVON899898 says:

    getting one in 4 years

  40. Jiří Malchárek says:

    that gear knob looks quite like the one on a 2006 Focus

  41. TheJahbrother says:

    Nice video Carlos thanks! Would you prefer a new 370Z with sport pack or a new Mustang with track pack for a great weekend warrior canyon carver fun car?? Both can be had for a little over 30 grand right now.

  42. WeDream OfEagles says:

    “As long as it has a manual transmission…and it should”……if it’s not that Chinese piece of shit that they put into the 2011 and 2012 models that was an absolute piece of crap. Right reviewer?

  43. RSNitsua says:

    I’m a dumbass for liking the way the 05-09 looked? lol

  44. Rocco0002 says:

    oh boy, one more american dumbass at his finest 🙂

  45. xxRapeifyxx says:

    i got me a niice mustangg with dat dere live axel and dat dere shitty shiftar

  46. wantapgt says:

    I haven’t had any problems hitting gears on my 2014 GT

  47. SFBay69 says:

    I love my 2013.

  48. NoUtubeDegree says:

    Exactly. I own a 2013 5.0 with only the track pack and it amazes me that alot of people complain about the shifting so much. A cheap barton shifter bracket fixed all of my shifting woes. Hopefully people dont actually reject buying one because of that. So easily fixed and really not that bad from the factory.

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