2013 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 Review and Road Test (manual transmission)

TheTruthAboutCars.com’s Alex L. Dykes got his hands on the 2013 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 with the manual transmission. Check out the video as we take it out…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


41 Responses to 2013 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 Review and Road Test (manual transmission)

  1. ruulis says:

    So keep your cars for your self lol

  2. ruulis says:

    Fck your hemi fck your v8….. dinosaur…..trucks engine in a personal car… nice lookin crap, maby thats good for USA, but not for Europe… how long distance you can drive with full tank?3-400km? europian cars doing 700-1000 km with 65 -75 liters gasoline . thats it lol

  3. MyLifeIsCamouflaged says:

    I love my Challenger!

  4. Don Dressel says:

    I noticed all your posts are negative! What kind of car do you drive? I bet its a bike!

  5. Don Dressel says:

    You just dont get it! People like myself do not buy cars like these for gas mileage but for performance! Please dont tell me to get a foreign car because I am no fan of them!

  6. Don Dressel says:

    RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!

  7. Don Dressel says:

    yea but guys use to say that back in the 60s when the camaro and challengers came out back then! Well the challenger came out in 1970! I hope you are not a fan of the rice rockets though!

  8. Don Dressel says:

    I own one of these and love it! As far as the charger will not own a 4-door as to me its a family car but a good looking one though!

  9. smokedogg202 says:

    Who rides in the trunk

  10. O.t. Stogner says:

    10:48 DEER :D

  11. O.t. Stogner says:

    7:42 8.4 (not 8.3) inch on 300 and Charger. Not challenger. Small mistakes.. Nobody should really care. But just putting out there.

  12. akulabite says:

    the trunk cant be closed easy from inside? How is that a downer? Maybe if you are in a 3rd world country where the trunk is considered coach than yes…

  13. TheBenjas99 says:

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  14. KINGPinckneyIV says:

    The best part about the Challenger is the roaring engine but, instead I listened to this guy during the road test

  15. taipeikartman says:

    It is no doubt the car companies are in cahoots with the oil companies. Chrysler is a joke.

  16. Eddie lanham says:

    This car is really sexy lol

  17. victor manuel Bravo Páez says:

    This is because you´re fat lol

  18. Ryan Sullivan says:

    My words exactly

  19. shehri4life says:

    wow ! hot girl on car videos !

  20. Alan Strain says:

    I agree! He doesn’t like muscle cars because he was playing with his Barbie Jeep in the early ssssseventiessss!

  21. Jt Jones says:

    this guy a real piece of shit damn i don’t like the car but there some things nice about every other word out his mouth is negative

    and he dose not like car’s from the 60’s WTF wrong with this ass hole

  22. Jt Jones says:

    you fell in love with a big slow over priced car yea what ever floats you’re boat

  23. Onegoal2006 says:

    GT500 has live axle because its TOO LIVE 4U!
    My friend races autocross his car is 1.15g’s avg conering
    Z28 = weak sloppy frame…its so sloppy Z28 needs torquebar.
    Boss is…well, it’s name says it all! No torquebar because its not a sloppy frame from Holden, Australia
    GT500 is like 650hp Ford Teksid motor = EPIC 1337 WIN
    SS = Super Sucks
    SS1LE = Seriousy Sucks One Long Erection

  24. John Walsh says:

    Your not a fan of the original challenger? Wtf

  25. John Walsh says:

    What’s up with the awkward pauses In between comments

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