2013 Dodge Challenger R/T Review on Everyman Driver

2013 Dodge Challenger R/T Review on Everyman Driver with Dave Erickson. Questions, Advertising, Sponsorship: Email everymandriver@gmail.com. Please visit htt…
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On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago gets rained-out at the test track, and decides to head out on the open road in search of adventure in the 2012 Dodge…


50 Responses to 2013 Dodge Challenger R/T Review on Everyman Driver

  1. Meshari Maoo says:

    Rt rims better then srt8

  2. AnAmericanSon says:

    I love it when people buy a performance based car, and they worry about fuel economy. It’s got back seats, but they really aren’t meant to be used unless you’re yelling; “boss, it’s d plane!” (Fantasy Island reference).

    The Challenger is what it is, a current version of the 60’s “Pony Car”. It looks great, but needs a few things like a serious gear in the rear end. My 2-cents.

  3. everymandriver says:

    @DrBleed – thank you – Dave

  4. DrBIeed says:

    Jesus, cut the guy a break. Slip of the tongue. Anyway I think the camaro is the one with the hot wheels styling though. Hell they have a Hotwheels edition Camaro. Anyway both cars are fast enough. 392 will rip a high 12 in stock trim and once the “Hell Cat” drops that ZL1 Camaro will look like a pidly pile (like the GT500 already makes it look)

  5. UberKrassMann says:

    doesn’t the R/T have more MPG then 23? i thought 23MPG was the SRT8

  6. larkyleroy says:

    Nice look but thats about it

  7. Blizofoz45 says:

    The two faults with it should have been 1)Overpriced and 2)Underpowered.

  8. Jimbofrank1 says:

    Test drove a R/T…not impressed to heavy weakest car in its class as well as the SRT.
    The gearbox felt like garbage as well. Just my $0.02

  9. hertzer2000 says:

    Only the 6.4 should go in a Challenger. Although, the 5.7 6 speed is a bullet.

  10. Troy Last says:

    Man I really want a Challenger :(

  11. MrRussian2023 says:

    Huh↓ ?

  12. Mike DiNardo says:

    You said charger at the end not challenger

  13. mike philp says:

    now if only they could get the charger right. 2 doors and have it actually look like one.

  14. vegsmashed says:

    This is a sexy car.. my dream car man

  15. Steven Dvorsetz says:

    Why is there a female here with no sandwich in hand?!

  16. inycuda says:

    What is going on under the hood Samantha….

  17. anthonyamanda05 says:

    Less hp than SS Camaro and GT Mustang but the worst mpg. Terrible

  18. Sunburntcrack jr says:

    only 375 horsepower in this boat…. geez dodge is seriously dropping the ball in the pony car game…. I mean it looks the best out of the 3 but the Mustang and Camaro are leaving this thing in the dust… I did read they are dropping a V10 in it but if they dont fix the weight issue it will just be like that SRT10 Truck which was slow as balls…

  19. 59catmando says:

    Well thank you for the kind words. Don’t take my word for it. Look it up and inform yourself. Have a good day.

  20. NubsWithGuns says:

    you might want to inform yourself next time you try to act like you know something

  21. Cassidy Sundance says:

    If you can afford to buy the car, you then can afford to buy gas for it.

  22. Nick V says:

    Nice design just wish interior was changed they just put charger dash in it..but this muscle car is bad ass

  23. Marwan Alsaadi says:

    الشالنجر مصيبه .. تجيني في الاحلام ههههههه

  24. Leyawiin84 says:

    Attractive car – much more so than the Camaro imo. The Challenger hearkens back to the early 70s model well. The Camaro looks like an exaggerated clown car.

  25. noriegavilla says:

    damn thats a very nice car good review man

  26. Jared G says:

    Gotta have that car

  27. Zac Efron says:


  28. Çağrı Köksal says:

    lan bu araba bende olsa bırak çölde gezmeyi, yağmurlu havada bile dışarı çıkartmam.

  29. newnewpoint says:

    gotta have it. Yellow jacket challenger!!

  30. alb3rt16 says:

    My dream car

  31. SpeedyCheeze says:

    I have the same shirt

  32. 6Mephisto666 says:

    Lol, he’s a guitarist :D

  33. teejaybitch says:

    that was the most emotional car review i’ve ever seen! I really kind of felt it.. The car, the desert, your sweet guitar play – awesome! cheers from germany 🙂

  34. johnnyburgess1989 says:

    This particular model was never meant to compete with the gt500 or ZL1 Camaro. They are currently working on a new SRT to compete with those cars this model however I believe in my opinion lived up to every expectation and is a fantastic and beautiful car to drive

  35. 97jag440 says:

    Carlos couldn’t have explained the challenger better its not a record setter its a fun car that brings the past forward and likes to cruise with a deep rumble and occasionally go to the strip and make passes and still make you have a great time driving home

  36. Supcharged says:

    why don’t they export it to other countries?

  37. imlostondanet says:


  38. John James Regis says:

    Exactly what I want out of a car. This is my dream car.

  39. MerlinMoorlo says:


  40. Nathan Erickson says:

    Thank you for explaining the soul of this car perfectly.

    The Challenger isn’t about setting the best times or even keeping up with the best of the best. It’s about going out, having an adventure, and just having fun.

    She may not be the top dog in stats, but I’d take a Challenger in a heart beat before even considering anything else.

  41. Hannityification says:


  42. Abe Foxman says:

    may get a pre-owned 335is off lease, JB4 tune 400tq

    hard to find manuals, but they are coming off lease soon. Still watching for Chally refresh. I actually like the current Yacht platform and i would prob choose 2014 1LE over a smaller Cuda SC.

    e55AMG platform is pretty good for touring state 2 state vacation & wine tours. Where would i put my case of wine in GT or SS ? In my friends lap ? How safe is that ?

    Yacht just feels safer than a big speedboat.

  43. quietguy1948 says:

    I could be wrong…

    Nonetheless – good luck with your new car.

  44. Abe Foxman says:

    Down & give me 20 !!!! (intro in Summer 2014) will have a “refresh” – most likely:

    * same body/platform as current [LC chassis]

    * some updates to interior

    * facia styling changes

    * 8 speed ZF automatic w/ V8 (floorpan is modified for the bulkier ZF trans) – replaces MB 5 speed auto

    * 2014 SRT gets the 6.2 supercharged V8 mid model year

  45. Abe Foxman says:

    you are positive 6.4L isn’t dropped for the newer 6.2L SC coming with the Cuda ?

    I thought last year Chally with e500 platform has refresh and new motor

  46. quietguy1948 says:

    Fantastic! Go for it!
    The motor is 6.4 liter
    And 8.5 Uconnect isn’t yet available in the Challenger – probably in 2014.
    The 6 speed Tremec is a tremendous tranny; stout, accurate and reliable.
    Post pics and a video!

  47. bignoiz08 says:

    Love my muscle cars 🙂

  48. Abe Foxman says:

    i’m going with manual SRT8 6.2L SC 2014MY, Black Tri Coat Pearl Black Met, 20″ black chrome, 18 speaker HK, Dual Subs, Suede Seats, Ride control, 3 spoke wheel, New UiNav 8″5 voice command, HUD, throw on some noweeds cutout side pipes, Injen CAI, Predator Tune should make 600hp

  49. quietguy1948 says:

    Thanks, I agree…

  50. Abe Foxman says:

    Silver looks good

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