2011+ Dodge Challenger SE Fog Lamp Installation w/ 10k HID conversion kit

Hi there youtube viewers, Today I decided to finally upload the vid of How-to-Install Fog Lamps to your Challenger SE, since mine did not had the option, I d…
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  1. jghdez89 says:

    ok, im right now heading to work, when i get home I will PM you the info…

  2. MrYasser13 says:


  3. jghdez89 says:

    hi, i bought them off eBay, i can give you the info of the seller I used where i bought the entire fog lamp kit with HIDs also, including the switch….

  4. MrYasser13 says:


  5. jghdez89 says:

    do you have the push button on it, like mine on this vid, it says push on the nob>> if you have that then all you need is the HID kit, this vid was for both installs the fog install and the HID kit conversion install on the fogs, i did not felt like splitting the vid, so i combine the two, i made a note on that, idk if you saw it, where i explain is two installs in one vid…..

  6. Shawn Cicero says:

    Im confused, why do I need the switch? I have a switch like that now. Does that mean I just need the bulb kit

  7. jghdez89 says:

    hi, yes you got to take the clips off first to take the tire covers off, i showed which one to take off on the video, let me know if you need more help.

  8. TechGReviewer says:

    how do the black covers unclip? I’m trying right now but they wont come off it seems like you would need to snip the tabs off to get them to come off?

  9. jghdez89 says:

    yea me too about the drill and 3M, I have had it on my car for quite a few weeks now, but this weekend it started to come up one corner of the spoiler due to rain and here in SC we had pollen the past month so it affected the 3M, so I don’t recommended specially if you go on interstate going at high speeds you don’t wanted to fall out of your trunk, that’s why am about to drill it this weekend…

  10. Jbiggs Wade says:

    yo man thanks alot I was thinkin about the 3m only also cause I was scared to drill wrong lol but ill check it out for sure man

  11. jghdez89 says:

    you can watch the newest vids and you will see the spoiler on there…

  12. jghdez89 says:

    hi, thanks for the question, YES!!! I actually just got it last week, but have not finished it all I have to do its drill it to the trunk and marry them together just right now I have it with the 3M tape, which is not recommended by itself just I have not had the time to do all measurements to drill it, I actually just did a quick vid for you im uploading it right now to take a look at, I will this weekend do all measurements and do the How-to-install vid with all steps for everyone thanks again

  13. Jbiggs Wade says:

    are you guna install a rear spoiler on your trunk??? if so pleeeeeaaassse make a video of it noooo one has it man i love your vids!!!!

  14. jghdez89 says:

    make sure you watch this Vid!, it has two install at the same time, One is the Fog lamps install on a Challenger SE. from stock with no lamps to Challenger SE Plus + with lamps. Second install is the HIDs on the Fog Lamps, so those who has the fog lamps already and want more visibility this is also a vid you want to watch for ex. (S/E plus package, SXT plus, R/Ts and SRT8s

  15. SM-110 says:

    This post certainly started a discussion! Fantastic job.

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