1999 Pontiac Trans Am vs. 2006 Pontiac GTO 6.0

Me vs. an 06′ GTO 6.0L highway run.


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  1. dbickel1986 says:

    My 01 camaro ss eats ls2 goats all year long. Never was beat by one. Now granite, i have slp lid, diablo tune, msd individual coils, long tube hookers ran into a 3 in flowy true dual, and t56 with LS7 clutch. All LS motors are just straight balls to the wall nasty. I love gtos too but no comp for me. I smoke 03-04 cobra terminators like its my job. Any time, any asphalt.

  2. alaskanasassin1 says:

    I own a 2006 gto, and I rape trans and. And btw, gto’s weigh 3700 not 4500.

  3. maximanismo1 says:

    thats because that goat is a heavy bitch 4400 dry and the ta is in the 3500 to 3600lb big difference

  4. misterfutureboy says:

    you’re right

  5. MrKerrycollingwood says:

    No way I don’t see any stock ta in sea level that is stock running 0-60 in high four second range u can’t beat the cubes and torque….

  6. MARCD832 says:

    I believe the factory tunes on these gto’s are shit..good handheld or custom tune and these things are totally different animals…

  7. njwolf2k9 says:

    Haha definitly not, the 5.7 gto would get beat by a ls1 ta easy. I experienced it first hand. I learned that today I raced my buddies 05 gto 6spd, headers, exhaust, intake, tune vs my 01 TA Ws6 6spd which has a slp exhaust and thats it. We were dead even all the way to 4th gear but I also had a passenger in my car so I held my own pretty damn well. It’s honestly the weight that holds the goat back.

  8. STLATF says:

    04 goats are rated 350. ta at 310 320. i am just saying that the 0-60 times are exactly equal for a 04 gto and ls1 ta.

  9. STLATF says:

    that is the best part about the goat it is a sleeper. i have an 04 and i took the wing and most badges off and it is fuckin sick

  10. STLATF says:

    @MarshallTK just to let you know if both were six speeds the 6.0 would eat the t/a if drivers were equal. now the 5.7 goat and the t/a would be exactly equal.

  11. xordan2 says:

    GTO’s and Trans Am’s Own…

  12. Nick Shifflett says:

    arent the 6.0’s rated at 400 hp? I know theres a weight difference but idk bout that much

  13. Nick Shifflett says:

    no way an 5.7 and an 6.0 with the same mods makes the 5.7 run faster, im not talkin shit because I own a 98 ta ws6, but there’s a reason why they put the ls1 in the 04 and the ls2 in the 05-06, plus I thought the 05-06 goat had hood scoops? maybe it’s just the video quality but I can’t see em. So if thats the case its ls1 vs ls1 then your lookin at weight if you’ve got the same mods, which then yes the t.a would smash, not startin shit just correct me if I’m wrong

  14. michael pack says:

    @MarshallTK i think it can!!!

  15. blp21381 says:

    yep a small 2 dr car looks like a family car? more like a sleeper – makes no sense hah

  16. ztwntyn8 says:

    I had a LS2 goat jump the gun on me from my rear bumper on the hwy (in my 71 formula 400 which goes 13.5 now with 3.42 gears but at the time had 3.08s) and by the time he was about a car and a half ahead of me I stopped his run and he quit about then. I HEART PONTIC and especialy GTOs (oldschool) but the new ones suck. The first one I saw, imediately I thought was a mitsubishi 3000, got closer and was excited to see the new GTO…. then not. Nice kill bro.

  17. Mechknight73 says:

    Then you should check out its steroid-injected cousing, the Holden Special Vehicles GTO Coupe. There were a handful of them that came out with all wheel drive as well. The GTO being based on a Holden Monaro, HSV being the tuner wing of Holden

  18. hotrodhendrix says:

    It takes a few clicks of the onboard comp to switch from MPH to KPH

  19. GTO19020 says:

    lol wow, fuck off, for the record the GTO was built in Austrailia by holden, so fail to begin with, and iv had my LS2 for 2 yrs and never had a single problem, the GTO is probably one of the best quality cars from GM that came from the nineties and early millenia, and iv had fags like you before call the car slow, believe me you shut the hell up rlly quick once ur lookin at my tail lights.

  20. Laytonium says:

    I think it would be a good race. It would all depend on driver, transmission, highway or dragrace. But i think they would be pretty even

  21. olverafam says:

    @frankie122 Yea but I used to own one to and as a mechanic for gm, I was amazed at all the shit parts they put in the gto, and it was slow, you know, there are cars that are slow even though they have 400hp, I had buyers remorse and I sold the POS and I know for a fact that my 07 suv mitsu outlander ralliart is faster than my old gto, because my buddy has a s2k that I would race and lose with my gto but now he can barely hang with my SUV, but if you have $ you can make anything go fast.

  22. idontknow5858 says:

    hmm. i can find a decent one around where i live for about $13.5k lol. im curious to think its $25k better. not that i plan on snagging one anyways haha

  23. Mechknight73 says:

    They’re a much more advanced model than any of their Pontiac GTO cousins. Suspension, brakes, audio, seats, engines, bodywork……the list goes on and on

  24. idontknow5858 says:

    Was clickin around and found one i liked for $40k??? you’ve got to be kidding me…

  25. Mechknight73 says:

    You could take a Holden Monaro or HSV GTO coupe, and with the parts from a Pontiac GTO, make it left hand drive. Australian speeds are metric, so you’d have to convert the instrument cluster as well, but it can easily be done. To get some perspective on how the Holden Monaro evolved, search “Holden Monaro,” with any of the following prefixes: HK, HT, HG, HQ, HJ, HX, HZ, VX, VY, VZ. Each of these two letters corresponds to a model cycle (Holden releases a new one every two years)

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