1970 Dodge Challenger w/ widest rear tires ever!! V8 SOUND!

Here’s a 1970 Dodge Challenger, one of the true American muscle car legends! This badass custom Mopar beast packs a huge V8, a supercharger and on top of tha…

Road Test: 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. Jamboolio says:

    Yep, I sure am!

  2. topikosunen says:

    Jamboolio. Are you in finland?

  3. Jamboolio says:

    Hahah, well said!

  4. Dusty Spears says:

    Gawd. You’d calculate Gallons to the mile instead of miles to the gallon in this thing. But I’d love every second of it.

  5. old12school3 says:

    Now do a burnout!

  6. kaideg4 says:

    Siistiii  🙂

  7. Jamboolio says:

    Thanks a lot!
    I agree, it looks fantastic! I’ve seen like six or seven awesome looking 70s Challengers this week. It seems there’s quite a few of these here in Finland nowadays.

  8. Jamboolio says:

    Yeah, all that rubber blew me away haha!

  9. TechFanatic555 says:

    You are right man! Widest one I’ve seen… Lol

  10. subaruwrxfan says:

    Looks and sounds awesome! Nice video!

  11. Mopar Kid says:

    Your check engine light was on

  12. bmb7198 says:

    just bought one of these a few weeks back. nothin but an ear to ear grin on my face every time i get to drive it….daily. the chevy & ford fans can keep their camaros & mustangs. yes the challenger is a heavy monster, but its also better looking and stayed true to its roots. moreso than its retro competitors. couldnt be happier with it!

  13. cadillacowboy1 says:

    0:32 sounds exactly like the general lee running from roscoe!!! 😀

  14. quietguy1948 says:

    To quote… Not over till the fat lady sings

    And this fat lady can carry a tune!

  15. Annihilator1111 says:

    the cars that are related to the 2008-present Dodge Challenger is the
    2011-present Chrysler 300/ Lancia Thema/ Chrysler 300C (UK & Ireland)
    2005-2010 Dodge Charger
    2011-present Dodge Charger
    2005-2008 Dodge Magnum
    2010-present Mercedes-Benz E-Class
    2006-present Mercedes-Benz S-Class

  16. KBYalfalasi says:

    I love this car so much

  17. kunai92 says:

    I just want to see a 2013 challenger already 🙁

  18. Supcharged says:

    the cars in the background at 2:05 can :)

  19. SMOKEYGStAr says:

    I love this car but to damn SWOLE!!!! It’s like Bodybuilder trying fight to heavy for car lololololololol

  20. Jimberlice Larochelle says:

    Although I do love the challenger but since it so heavy, I would like if it was just a torque beast, either that or a diet.

  21. Jimberlice Larochelle says:

    I hope the challenger is not replaced by the barracuda. but I heard the might replace the camaro with the Firebird. I would like that. Do not quote me on that. camaro’s kinda suck by the way. not trying to hurt any feelings.

  22. Jimmy W says:

    I shrieked at 0:12, Fingerprints on the car :/

  23. mhtube01 says:

    Lol there seems to be a lot of people who think that. I think the exterior looks ok but the Challenger is definitely the best looking out of the 3 in my opinion. The Mustang looks great and has a nice interior but the Challenger looks like it could crush a Mustang any day with it’s size and front end. It’s awesome. The Camaro’s interior sucks with all of the cheap plastic and lack of nicer materials that the Challenger and Mustang interiors have. The visibility is horrendous as well.

  24. ryanmxn says:

    not to mention, the Camaro is ugly and generic looking.

  25. Erik Gustafson says:

    There is an in-depth review of the Challenger SRT8 392 here:
    definitiveautoreview . com/comparisons/dodge-challenger-srt8-392-vs-chevrolet-camaro-2ss/

  26. harout hopar says:

    couldnt of said it more perfectly man =] the front of this car is just so aggressive looking, i love it!

  27. mhtube01 says:

    Totally agree with you. I just saw the ad for the Barracuda and now I’m really worried they’re going to get rid of the Challenger. I will be so sad if they do. Idk why Chrysler would do that though, it’s an American legend and one of their most popular cars! They’ve done a great job with it and if they made the interior a little more stylish, it would be even better. The good material quality is there, but I think it could be a little more visually appealing. The exterior is perfect.

  28. mhtube01 says:

    Me too. The new Shelby GT500 is supposed to have 650 hp and capable of a 200 MPH top speed. That’s awesome but who in hell would want to go that fast in a Mustang body?! Not me! I’d rather be going that speed in something like a Corvette ZR1 or a Ferrari. The Challenger on the other hand, stays true to it’s roots, MUSCLE! You can actually take this beast on a road trip and be comfortable the whole way. Just the front end alone screams muscle. It’s awesome and hopefully one day I’ll have one.

  29. harout hopar says:

    this care is just pure raw muscle, and thats what i love about it

  30. mhtube01 says:

    Nice! Enjoy it! I want to at least drive one so badly, especially an SRT-8 with the 6 speed manual. I don’t care what people say, this car means business. It really announces it’s presence on the road.

  31. harout hopar says:

    hell ya….and thats the exact reason why i am getting it bro =]

  32. Mark Taylor says:

    Then with those super turbo engines will be a fast car high performance and addition to the Dodge family. Lets just say that hoping that they wont stop Challenger production for the Barracuda. How bout making the improvements then letting there be additions to the family. So lets make the Barracuda and keep the Challenger.

  33. Mark Taylor says:

    I still adore this car for it is really the fastest car. Its a superb vehicle that just needs some adjustments remember that with the foreign competition you are dealing with scientist that makes the cars. I will always drive this car. All it needs is gas conservation, and more performance drive as for straight line only lest just say we don’t drive a straight line all the time. If they need a smaller car to perform then they should use the Avenger, or Dart with super turbo engines.

  34. Mark Taylor says:

    What is the speed on the turns. I am really concerned with the cornering. If it Street Racing Tech. The emphasis should not be on straight line only performance but all around performance to do what any other car can do. I drove the 2011 R/T but had a cornering problem. I slid when making a sharp lane change and would have went into a wall if not for the Stability Traction Control which is supremely effective. It was raining but I cars at high speed passed me with no effort.

  35. wolftmfg says:

    This car is just beautiful 😀

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