1969 Chevrolet Camaro 396 L89 Muscle Car in HD

1969 Chevrolet Camaro L89 musclecar in street action. This is the real deal in factory black with white interior. 375 horsepower with the Winters casted alum…
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24 Responses to 1969 Chevrolet Camaro 396 L89 Muscle Car in HD

  1. André Rotärmel says:

    manual transmission, i am impressed!

  2. Collin Smith says:

    thaat is such a sexy car rs/ss

  3. samspace81 says:


  4. Bill Voigt says:

    Absolutely spectacular car.  Thank you for posting.

  5. GARY FORMAN says:


  6. GARY FORMAN says:

    l89 was a rpo order.they took the l88 alum open chambered heads and put them on the l78.they also had rpo l89 on the vette with the 427.they say that theses heads on a l78 was faster than a l72.also took 150lbs off the front end.what a sweet ride

  7. Narunat Oh says:

    that very cool

  8. Bersaggynuts says:

    Nice looking car, but somebody added console gauges..

  9. samspace81 says:

    I’m one of you

  10. Joey Svitek says:

    You started video RIGHT. We car fanatics want to hear the REAL music, the exhaust.

  11. samspace81 says:

    I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW! Thanks.

  12. Tim Chetwynd says:

    L-89 was a RPO and not a COPO. Check your facts

  13. just1left2002 says:

    I feel like I’ve died and just floating over this car as a ghost.

  14. V8TransAmGTA says:

    Oh yeah!!!!!  :))

  15. samspace81 says:

    but was it good for you? 😉

  16. samspace81 says:

    WRONG – the L-89 engine was a special order (COPO) engine that cost over 700.00. Although it was rated 375 horsepower, same as the L-78 396, the COPO 396 engine featured Winter’s casted aluminum cylinder heads. There were only 311 of these Camaro’s produced and less than 150 known to survive today. This is one of them.

  17. Breizh Vince says:

    COPO Camaro have only a 427 engine and are not badging… It’s simply a SS 396…

  18. Jason Fowler says:

    not a copo its a L89

  19. RainbowForDio says:

    L89 was an RPO. They were actually more expensive new than the COPO L72 427 cars. (and rarer)

  20. amhoyhoy says:

    These cars literally look too good, No mods, no rims, just like they did when they rolled off the truck into the dealership, My generation seriously screwed up somewhere,,,,, Born in the wrong decade..

  21. V8TransAmGTA says:

    Porn is not allowed on youtube! 😉

  22. samspace81 says:

    Its the real deal and we all know it would roast the poly-bias tires 😉

  23. Boredout454 says:

    You guys have to do a burnout, I know your boss wont like it but you will only have this chance to do it!

  24. Boredout454 says:

    That must have cost a pretty penny for you guys to get it. Must be selling it for about 20 oz of gold!

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