1965 GTO – Hemmings TV Episode #4

Gene Teston reflects on his high school days and when he fell in love with muscle cars and his current ownership of the “pride of his life”, his 1965 Pontiac…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

http://www.flemingsultimategarage.com/1967-pontiac-gto–c-1197.htm Frame off restoration of a rare one, 4 thick folder of receipts, matching #s YZ code 400ci…


36 Responses to 1965 GTO – Hemmings TV Episode #4

  1. Jason Carpp says:


  2. soulflower666 says:

    Right on – 73 too! I used to own a 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix, she had only a 305 block, no power windows, no A/C but she was fun to drive especially with the T-top off.

  3. Jason Carpp says:

    Awesome story, man! Although I’m too young to remember the Muscle Car era, I was born in 1973, I have seen cars over the years that came from that time, and I wish that I could drive such a car, or at least ride in one. Forget cellphones and satellite navigation, this is a vintage muscle car.

  4. 詳細くりっく 宝くじ当選 当選金一億譲ります says:


  5. TheCheifSmackahoe says:

    My dad and I are fixing up one of these!!! Cant wait til it is finished!!!

  6. 宝くじ当選しました お譲り致します says:


  7. kjauiejemugugughusw says:


  8. kimikokimogaaaaa says:


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  11. yukariosads333 says:

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  12. Barclay Benjamin says:

    Motortrend car of the year! 65’ GTO! Just beautiful!

  13. theboarman says:

    search rip off report this guy is a scamer

  14. westside4life1770 says:

    Did it come with a louvered air cleaner

  15. Flemingsclassics says:

    It sold for 36,990, a little less than what you were willing to pay haha

  16. privitserver says:

    ill buy for 90k

  17. VBSouthpaw says:

    They’re standard gm rally wheels.

  18. gta3252 says:

    bad ass how much?

  19. Daniel Ivan Urrutia Vizcarra says:

    perhaps they were trying to find some barbie dolls….

  20. Zachariah Starr says:

    Man… I just turned 13 in December. My Uncle has a 1967 Lemans …. I want that car to ride to highschool with!!! 🙂 can somebody please tell me what kind of rims are those? Awsome car!!

  21. damienPeace says:

    Its okaii they were jealous that they couldnt afford this beauty

  22. Jeffrey Monson says:

    I have been looking for red line radials, could you tell me where to purchase a set thanks, Jeff Monson : jeffreymonson22@gmail.com

  23. Jesse James says:


  24. rodolfo23cr says:

    “it’s better than any therapy you would ever pay” you bet it is 🙂 I love that car!!

  25. johnxmsx says:

    Nice. I would rob a fucking bank to buy that.

  26. ralfis1234 says:

    Your reviews are great but please change that background music. After watching couple video of yours it gets soooo annoying…

  27. sheliajfabrizioe says:

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  28. 3looy1 says:

    this is my dream car its so sexy

  29. 0TheLostArtist0 says:

    This is the car that made me fall in love with American Muscle. The Fast in the Furious got me into cars but this and that Charger made me fall in love with muscle. Now I’m a tech and wouldn’t dream of doing anything else outside the auto industry. This car is gorgeous, wish it were mine. Even though I’m a Mopar guy now I’ll never want any car more than a 1967 GTO.

  30. davegto67 says:

    Echoes with the sound of salesmen.

  31. begstok says:

    i want this car it’s amazing

  32. angel dovalina says:

    I have a 1967 GTO well it was my grandpas so it’s my job to get it running again any tips guys

  33. Carpathian2010 says:

    He forgot to mention the dent on the driver door, the exhaust pipes in the back were hanging different and who in the hell would want an AM radio nowadays it should have an unpgraded radio in the glove box. Otherwise it’s a really nice car.

  34. Gene Maguire says:

    Bought a ’67 GTO on my 18th birthday, mine had a 389/ 4spd… also have had a ’69 Chevelle SS 396/ Turbo 400, ’72 Vega Wagon 454/ Turbo 400… nice to look and dream, but way out of the average joe’s price range nowadays.

  35. RorschachPT says:

    Love that front end, the tail… Meh I wish it was less round on the sides and more like the front, and maybe, just maybe a little shorter, but that’s my European veins talking, anyways still a hell of a good looking car, no doubt.

  36. divisioneight says:

    Tony Fleming must LOVE his job. What a career. Hang out with dream rides of the past.

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