1000 HP Supercharged Pontiac GTO

the full story of my babe since i got it untill now and still going on the strongest street lumina ss in UAE .
Video Rating: 4 / 5

5 YR. Pontiac GTO ,restoration/restorod, project. All done at home shop.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


51 Responses to 1000 HP Supercharged Pontiac GTO

  1. davidwade51 says:

    Autos are good an can beat a stick in a drag

  2. davidwade51 says:

    Not a gto

  3. Abdulaziz al shehri says:

    Excellent acceleration

  4. Abdulaziz Binsadiq says:

    Man you’v spend allot of mony for this car and you cant by a pro cam with 3000 derhams!!

  5. daniel george says:

    is that a diesel? to much smoke for a petrol, with that much smoke the engine “eat” 1l oil/500km :))lol

  6. AshleyOSNAP says:

    Nice song choice mate, the cars nice too.

  7. dshiznit69xl says:

    Mgs4 track nice

  8. palacios leonel says:

    man my dream car ****

  9. viperkill3 says:

    Oh yeah that supercharger sounds alot better then the turbos did

  10. ericka spires says:

    This is a chevy not a Pontiac

  11. Ballz Deep says:

    It’s a ford prius.

  12. kirbycurryi says:

    Congrats on the video! Great build up! Not too sure about the music, but every thing else is top notch! Beautiful car.

  13. Kevinj5555 says:

    Is it a Pontiac or a Chevy car?

  14. YouonPictures says:

    Stick an actual Pontiac GTO front end on it, then it’s a good car..

  15. Ls1silverGTO says:

    Chevy Lumina SS. Here in the states: Pontiac GTO. Australia: Holden Monaro. Also branded as a Vauxhalll Monaro in some parts of the world. Great, high quality fairly luxurious sports car. I love mine! Top quality interior and a good amount of power to go with it.

  16. antknee420 says:

    Driving at high speeds while holding the middle of the steering wheel? Not cool, not cool at all!

  17. issumtinwong says:

    but hey autos are slow right?!? Ha BEAUTIFUL GTO!

  18. mousehunter311 says:

    when i was in baghdad we raided this dudes garage and he had 3 of these gto/chevyss/monaros.

    He’s lucky they had the bowtie on them because those were the only 3 that didnt get the windows knocked out and the tires slashed.

  19. XBOX360VEGETA1523 says:

    It’s a Chevrolet Malibu

  20. BEyondDaGamer says:


  21. Jose Sabala says:

    Of you watch his wideband at 5:10 it only registers 14.1 at wot…. Pretty shitty tuning, pry why he had to replace that motor

  22. Hector Nazario says:

    Might as well call it chevy GTO

  23. jbirdduckable says:

    Bad assss

  24. hilldwler420 says:

    the holden manero aka GTO,AKA CHEVY LUMINA SS. BAD ASS RIDE.

  25. TheDrMasakrator says:

    Nice car. :)

  26. MTTSG says:

    Wow, super impressive. I’m wondering how long did this all take?

  27. 1978TransAmOwner says:

    68 le mans , GTO conversion?

  28. MisterLiBRiUMz says:

    Love it!

  29. Sam Fisher says:

    love the car, i was hoping it would be a hardtop

  30. StreetCustomJesi says:

    caruso????? se ma molto di ITALIAAAAA

  31. jonathan gill says:

    Wow lot of work but final result aazing

  32. Ianz Inn says:

    nice job

  33. Ianz Inn says:

    ok asshole

  34. gazoil5 says:

    magnifigue +++++

  35. taylorluvshorses16 says:

    Amazing work!

  36. antonio leyva says:


  37. SeanylikesDeathMetal says:

    your car looks beautiful

  38. ladamurni says:

    Awsome job! I can see the amount of work and the hours that you’ve spend on this car and the result is stunning. I have a Opel Manta GT/E most wanted type of this model. It realy needs restoration, but overhere that is way to expensive… only the paintjob is estimated 3500,00 euro……

  39. Matfast32 says:

    Very nice ! Great work ! Congratulation, she’s beautiful !

  40. Algimantas Baublys says:

    Beautiful ……………..

  41. Darren Krause says:

    great job car looks great! more people need to save these classics

  42. squadedgar says:

    very nice,thats great work!! bro. congrats

  43. marion71355 says:

    This like the GTO my parents had when I was little I see some that say 68’s had hideaway lights…but I thought those were just on the 69’s?

  44. donniedye63 says:

    Well done. Nice camaro

  45. leedconnector says:

    Very Nice! What type and size wheels and tires?

  46. dabyd1304 says:

    How much money do you spent in this car? It’s awesome.

  47. waffenamt7 says:

    Are you retarded, Muscle cars like this GTO are very desirable therefore they command a good price. You are really stupid if you really believe they offer nothing.

  48. Rusty Nugent says:

    Me thinks you answered your own question. 🙂

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