08-09 dodge challengers?

Question by i love him but he dont love me:(: 08-09 dodge challengers?
how many of you like the 2008 challengers and the 2009 challengers? i was thinking of getting an 09. which is better??. well actually in only 13 right now but it looks SHWEET. i love the “retro” old look to it. will they be making them better and better every year or should i start paying for it now that way i will have it bought when i turn 16?

my question. are they going to be better as the years go on. and which is better now. 08,09. or the actual old cars?

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Answer by emiller1998
Its the same car. The 08’s are long gone. Most likely so are the 09’s.

372 and 425 are both more than 290 and 360. Back to elementary school for you.

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